If You Fail To Sign Up For ObamaCare

I am wondering just how many of you know a few things about violating a federal law. How many of you readers out there think you do pretty good in the common sense department? Let me see a show of hands and I will count….. Very good my friends, almost everyone of you think you do pretty good in thinking well and adding two plus two and getting 4 (4 is the right answer, by the way, regardless of whatever your kid’s 4th grade teacher is trying to tell you). So, most all of us do pretty good in the common sense department? Then let me ask you if every person in this United States of America  has health care (citizen or illegal immigrant, I do not care)?


Wasatch Front Mountain Quartz, fortunately it does not need health care

Wasatch Front Mountain Quartz, fortunately it does not need health care

I ask this because it seems to be the question the Obama thugs in our media will never ask. Does everyone in this great country have access to medical care (notice I did not say access to insurance, a totally different product), yes or no? Well, if you listen to only the rantings of the loony left folks, they say that 40% of our population does not have access. But that is a flat out lie. Yes, a lie. I am calling the Obama thugs in the media and my President a liar, and habitual ones at that.

Every public hospital in this country gets public money and they get it for one basic reason. It is so if anyone needs care, all they have to do is simply go to a public hospital and hit the emergency room. And they will have their needs taken care of. What is that you now say? You never heard of this? That is so odd, as there was even a public tv show about it called ER, attracting some 45 MILLION viewers every week. So why did so many of you buy the lies Obama says about Obamacare being needed so millions would have the health care they do not get now? The fact is, free health care is indeed available to anyone in this country and anything else is not the truth.

Look Ma, How HI......, and now, neither does Junior need health care

Look Ma, How HI……, and now, neither does Junior need health care

The fact is, Sir, you lied like the cheapest rug known to mankind (that being the flip hairdo worn by a man with male pattern baldness). Obamacare is not needed so some 40 million Americans can get access to health care ( the number changes whenever it is needed to change to buttress up the need for Obamacare). They already had access to health care, and you and your toadies and thugs lied just so you could aggregate more political power to you. Shame on you and shame on this media (who no longer merits the protection of the First Amendment) for promoting your agenda and your lies instead of the truth and what is good for America.

So, how many of you had forgotten that this country DID and STILL DOES provide everyone with access to health care? Relax, people are just that, people. And all of us tend to put into the background all those things which are stable and do not change and litter our mental landscape, such as the fact that all public hospitals MUST BY LAW treat everyone who comes in for help. Period. No caveats there for one of you liberals to dodge behind. And the show ER was filmed to tell the rest of us Americans what life was really like for the people who are the front line shock troops in the effort to make sure as many people get the help they need and get it when they need it. This help is called the Emergency Room! Go visit one in the near future.

These men stormed the beaches, they are not afraid of Obama's Nazi Stormtroopers

These men stormed the beaches, they are not afraid of Obama’s Nazi Stormtroopers

Item #2 occurred to me a few weeks ago, but I did not wish to interrupt liberal republicans from making fools of themselves. So, I will ask a few questions so all of us are on the same page of sheet music. Is everyone aware that ObamaCare is a federal law now? Yes, I see all of you nodding. Yes sir, it became federal law when the President signed it, then Chief Justice Roberts confirmed it in his decision. Second query, do all of you know what happens if you fail to sign up for Obamacare?  Let me give you  a hint. You have broken a federal law. And you are a tax cheat (remember, Justice Roberts said it was a tax, so it goes to the Infernal Revenue Service, and all of us know just how fair and balanced and knowledgeable about taxes those folk are).

So you broke a federal law? So what, you say? Well, for a start, you are now a convicted felon. WHaoooaaaaaa, now I got your attention. You see, by making it a tax, and by you not joining one of the participating member groups, you then get fined for failing to obey a federal law. So what does it mean when you pay the fine? It simply means you plead GUILTY to breaking that federal law, and that makes you a convicted felon. When you pay the fine and accept the sentence, you have now earned the additional title of a convicted federal felony offender. It means you can never own a gun again or hold a liquor or gambling license. You are a convicted federal felon. All because Obama could not man up and our media is too much in bed with the lack of manhood to call their lover on it. So here you will be.

It is so funny it is almost tragic. You have to sign up for Obamacare on their website under penalty of a federal felony offense if you do not. But Obama used his cronies to do the programming for the website, so it can not do the job at all and you cannot sign up. So, even if you tried to be a good citizen, you cannot avoid the federal felony rap because indeed, you did not sign up for the Obamacare plan like the law says you have to. It is simply your bad luck that you supported Obama and now you have to pay for your stupidity.

You want a warm fuzzy? Then do not depend upon ObamaCare

You want a warm fuzzy? Then do not depend upon ObamaCare

The really bad thing is, you now force a lot of others who did NOT vote for such a jackass to pay the same penalty you are going to have to pay. Now, all of you will get a federal felony conviction on your record just because Obama could not summon up the courage to tell everyone he blew it and consequently was delaying the whole thing a year. Why, was that not what he did just to please his union thug buddies so they would be able to put more union money (dues) into their own pockets? Why, yes, it certainly was waived for his campaign donor corporations and for unions, so why should the common everyday citizen not be able to do the same thing? You know why and it is the ugly truth that you did not give enough to his campaign to merit being given  an extra year to avoid this claptrap.

So, there you have it. You cannot sign up as the site does not work. Since you do not sign up, you get a felony conviction on your record [because the site did not work and Obama refused to give you (the little guy) the same waiver he gave to his union thugs (pardon, pals)]. Since you now have a federal felony conviction on your record, many doors now are shut to you that were never shut before. But then, maybe it is now a good thing you voted for a man who thinks the government one size fits all mentality as he can now take care of you and your shrinking source of money. Besides, who is going to want to hire a person with a federal felony on their record?

Samuel Clemens Was a Friend of Mine

Samuel Clemens Was a Friend of Mine

Funny thing is, this web site problem is probably on purpose, so you can snagged in the woodwork, ready to be dragged out any time King Obama needs a dirty body to fix up and show the public.  So this website is actually your gateway into needing the Obamacare kingdom. But you will not be joined by the House or The Senate (America’s only native criminal class) because they exempted themselves from having to be subject to the same law that is going to make you a felon.You are a felon and they are not, but don’t you really feel as if the felon shoes were on the wrong feet?

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