Ahh, Is It Not Odd How Life Just Happens?

It has been such an interesting time since I had the opportunity to write an installment on my blog. I have had such a wonderful time in putting my thoughts down for others to read. It has been such a roller coaster ride too when I read some of the responses to my general thoughts. So, it is, in essence, time for me to do some explaining in not only what I choose to write about, but also to describe how I write. I will also try to explain what I wish I could see in both the responses to my thoughts and in the original writings of the things I see on Facebook and other public pages.

The, editor, script writer, trash can emptier, chief cook and bottle washer

The, editor, script writer, trash can emptier, chief cook and bottle washer

First, let me point out what has been said many times, by people from all sides of the political aisle. That thought is, namely, to please not regurgitate what someone else wrote (either rightly or wrongly) for what you write again is merely what someone else said, not what YOU think (and to point, it has already been written so why duplicate?). I know there are events in each life that do bear repeating, but to be yourself, should you not be able to give voice to your own reasoning and conclusions and then be able to back those items up with verifiable and reasonable arguments (arguments in the formal debate definition) that you can defend without devolving into name calling?

This point is so important in this society we have today. For eight years, the so-called “tolerant left” demanded that conservatives refrain from even disagreeing with the policies of the Obama administration, pointing out that he and his party did win the Presidency (and they have a point, one in which I agree with). While there were elements on the right side of the political spectrum which did not abide such simple social graces, the media did do its job in highlighting the bigots and nitwits that did not at least behave politely in the political arena. While there were some catcalls about President Obama and his policies, the vast right wing group at least refrained from outlandish (in my opinion) calls for President Obama to be impeached for nearly an reason (there were many reasons that called for impeachment, but none were officially done). And, any time some group said anything about Michelle or the children, both the democrat party and the media immediately (and rightly so) launched broadsides against the offenders of social customs we have had for over two centuries.

However, many of the conservative voices were silenced not because they could not refute President Obama assertions on many things (such as nearly everything that he did not like, he blamed on his predecessor, Bush 43), but they were silenced because the first words out of the mouths of these “tolerant liberals” was racial epithets. Please, do not even try to deny it, it was rampant even in the media that if you disagreed with President Obama, it was not because he could be wrong, it was because he was black that you disagreed. This is racial bigotry on a grand scale, and it was done by both the democrat party and the media, and to hell with what the truth was behind the conservative argument.

But now, we have a new situation. We have Donald Trump as the President, and my, my, my how the tables have turned. What happened to the “tolerant liberal” demand of grace and socially decent discourse in our political landscape? Why does the “tolerant left” now think it is okay to promote the assassination of President Donald Trump (aka the Missouri State Senator) when before as Obama was President such a thing was unheard of? And, to top it off, there is nary a single democrat in power anywhere who demands such hateful and vile rhetoric be shut down as unbecoming a citizen of this great country. Rather, not even 6 months into his administration, the democrat party in Congress has already filed two motions for the impeachment of President Trump while republicans in Congress ( and us “Intolerant right wingers, deplorables and unredeemable ones) never even filed one article for impeachment in the eight years of Obama administration.

So, to get back to my point of this blog essay.  When anyone writes an article or essay for the public to see, should each and every one of you who reads it not demand that the essay be backed up with reliable data and a reasonable interpretation of events? Reasoned in such a manner that the writer’s conclusions are able to be coherently debated without resort to vile name calling. Conclusions that are not evidence of political hatred and personal bigotries the writer tries to pass off as a conclusion any “normal” person would come to on their own?

That is what I ask of anyone who writes for others to read, and it is what I ask from those who read the articles, and then pass on what was read as the gospel. For now, we all know that for eight years the media has been hiding secrets of the democrat party, and writing and telling falsehoods beyond counting (okay maybe not that many, but still, a lot), and yet, I still see and get mails and replies that show me people are still just regurgitating something they saw and wish were true instead of stopping and thinking about what they just read would actually mean in the real world.

The best example I still think of is the hate-filled diatribe by the “tolerant left” that republicans are responsible for making our drinking water diseased, we cannot breathe the air because of republicans and so on. So, I have asked my people of the “tolerant left” stripes to actually examine what such statements would actually mean if they were true. And, I asked them in this way: “If such a statement were true, then what water do these republicans drink that you do not? What air do these republicans breathe that you do not?” The sad truth is, the dirty air and water that we all hear about (and is blamed on those republicans) are all in cities that have been run and ruled by the Democrats in this country, allied with the unions, for more than half a century. Baltimore, Philadelphia, Flint, Detroit, Sacramento and so on. These are not republican strongholds, but democrat party bulwarks, and the people of those cities voted for and got what they voted for, over and over and over.

Well, now we have a new President. And so far, President Trump has referred to a problem that existed from the previous administration (something Obama did almost on a daily basis, even in his last year, look it up), and did the media, the democrat party, its adherents (Donna, Mike and others) ever scream about it! They scream now that they are “only talking about President Trump, and that any referral to Obama is sour grapes (and that they never blamed anything on Bush43) and therefore any attempt at discussing the common problems is hypocrisy on republican parts. Such hypocrisy does exist, for this is exactly what this is. One cannot have an intelligent discussion of today’s USA problems without bringing into the debate all of the factors which preceded the problem and thus brought it to the forefront of politics. I wish that both sides (but mostly those of the “tolerant left”) would stop the name calling and seriously sit down and discuss HOW to solve the problems.

But until the “tolerant left” is willing to stop the screaming of vile names, stop the stupidity of saying if you disagree with them they will shut you up, until the democrat party realizes it lost the last election because they forgot the whole country votes (including us deplorables out in flyover country) then I am afraid there can be little done to solve our collective problems because half of our country does not have their collective marbles lined up for a reasonable and sane discussion. Life happens and sooner or later the idiocies you commit will end up costing you because you refused to live with ethics, honor and the courage to look at life without your hatreds and biases coloring your world view. End of Line.

PS – I just loved the movie that came from!

And The Root Cause of The Decline of The Democrat Party Is….

“Read All About it! Get Your News Headlines Here!” I remember (having sold newspapers on the street corner as a kid) when the news I shouted from that corner was indeed both the news and accurate. My, how far the mighty media have fallen these days. The media (back then, it was radio and newspapers and the Nightly News) brought to you the important information of the day. I cudgeled the far corners of my mind and back then, I could not remember even one time where I heard the news being reported falsely.

Let me be accurate on this. The News has always been protected by the 1st Amendment to our Constitution. The Media had always gone to great depths to try and report the news accurately, regardless of whose ox got gored. The did this because the people who dug into the dirt of this country went after the dirt, where ever it was and regardless of whomever it was about. The news people (now called the Media) went after both the rich and famous, and the poor and unknown, because that was where the story was. And it was the story they wanted because that is how their minds worked. The Pulitzer Prize was the Holy Grail, and if you went after and found the truth of the story, and could write the story in a compelling way that told the story without a bias shading the truth, then you won the much coveted title of “Reporter”. This title was a hard earned honor, not one to be bestowed lightly, nor one that you would throw away on a personal whim.

Well, that WAS the truth at one time. It was the truth once upon a time, and it could be the truth again. It is not the truth now, for those people who “claim to be reporters” fail to perform this function properly (it is a necessary function in any society that people report accurately what is happening at any given time, regardless of the form of government that is presently in existence). The vast majority of the population base of our “Media” no longer seek to represent the truth of what is happening in our great country, nor do they even try to write what is actually happening in other countries as concerns those countries attitudes to the USA.

I, for one, do not even pretend to understand why any “journalist” or “reporter” (whatever they wish to name themselves) would ever try to bring a report of an event to the people of this great country that was not factually accurate. Yet, day in and day out, we see again and again, reports from “journalists” that are so full of inaccuracies that they end up being fired (CNN just fired 3 recently, and before that, CNN fired Donna Brazile, and the list is almost endless). If these supposed “journalists” had been doing the job their predecessors had been doing, the 1st Amendment would have protected them. It would have protected them because while what they reported may not have been liked much, it would have been the truth, and printing the truth is always a defense.

The “Media” still does its job, to some extent, let me be clear about that. I have no problem with the Media going after any conservative or Republican (not necessarily the same thing) with the facts and truth of wrongdoing. It is what the 1st Amendment was designed for and it is there for the protection of all. The Media can write all they can find out (truthfully) about how this conservative congressman did this, or that republican senator did that. And, if they so deem it necessary (and they always do) they make sure the term “conservative” or “republican” is always in the headline, in the first paragraph, and always liberally spread throughout the article. I recently read about the fraud and embezzlement trial of a democrat and very liberal black female congresswoman from Florida, and it was in the seventh paragraph before I found out which political party she was a member of. I guess it is only important for the Media to report on the political persuasion of the person in question if that person is a conservative or republican. This bias is now the source of the failure of our present “Media” to do its basic function.

The basic function of the “Media” is to bring to light the truth behind every event, and to bring it to the attention of every citizen of this great country. Failure to tell the truth is a catastrophic event in the daily heartbeat rhythm of this country. Our Founding Fathers knew that it was only the collective wisdom that would keep this country afloat and safe from being sunk from self-inflicted wounds. The Founding Fathers may not have felt much affection for the “4th Estate” (as it was known then) but they knew that without Media reporting on both the warts of the leaders as well as their accomplishments, this country would soon become a banana republic.

It is this strict and hard and public scrutiny as performed by the Media that has kept the heartbeat of this country vibrant and merrily pumping along for centuries. The effort by the Media to dig under the public debris of various events to find the truth behind what actually happened, and then present this to the public is what has kept our country pretty much along the straight and narrow pathway to success and the lifelong ability to pursue happiness and success. It is also the forge of fire that toughens the political leaders and prepares them to be innovative, thoughtful and with the desire and ability to work not only together, but together with the thought in mind to work for the betterment of this country and its citizens.

Now, the Media is doing this hard but needed work in one dimension only. They have allied themselves with and for the democrat party in this country, to the detriment of everyone. This is a detriment to both the democrat political party and to the citizens of this country because it does not forge in fire the leaders of BOTH political parties, something that is both necessary and needed if our country is to go forward as one nation. The last Presidential election demonstrated just how sadly the union of the democrat party and its propaganda arm, the national Media, could perform if they operated together.

The Media did not test in the forge of withering fire any candidate put forth by the democrat party while at the same time, ensuring the candidates of the Republican party had to go through a trial by fire every single minute of every single day. Consequently, the conservative side of this nation now controls the Presidency, both houses of Congress, the vast majority of the state governor mansions and more than 2/3rds of the house and senate groups of the 50 states. And the democrat party and the media have no one to blame but themselves, for they brought this upon themselves, on purpose and deliberately.

The democrat party is now headed by failed politicians, devoid of new ideas, full of hate at their losses that they blame on the vast populations in flyover country. The blame that should be shouldered by those who led this huge loss instead they say belongs on the shoulders of “deplorable” and “irredeemable” people who voted for their opposition. And, unless the media returns to the basic job they should have been doing, the democrat party will never be held accountable for their hubris, their lack of foresight, lack of new ideas and new blood, and will never be held accountable for the untold lies they put forth, the venom they spew at our newly elected President, and the results that they so richly deserve, to be held as lowly as one human can think of another person. And that is as a loser, who lost holding nothing sacred, but who would stoop to any low epithet, just to retain a public office. But you two (media and democrat party) both should be together and should stay together, for you are two birds of the same feather – birds who always blame the opponent for any stupidity they might do and who always hold themselves above the rest of the population, because they think they care more and are more intelligent. The democrats and the media made a bed and slept in it together, and now are the proud parents of what that action means. Since I try not to use words that accurately describe what that offspring is, I will leave it to the reader’s imagination.

I just hope they keep sleeping together, for about a generation, for maybe by that time, we will have had time to heal some of the wounds this action has caused this country.

The, editor, script writer, trash can emptier, chief cook and bottle washer

The, editor, script writer, trash can emptier, chief cook and bottle washer

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And The Beauty Pageant Winner Is (Ironically)

Oh, just to sit and wonder at the ingenuity and cognitive abilities (for you in Rio Linda and any libocrat that means the ability to THINK) of our fore fathers, the Founders of this great country of ours. This land and country we call The United States of America. There has been some dispute lately about the ability to actually think about how things work in this world as it is now and how to come to accurate conclusions based not on your political bias but on how things actually are. This is indeed a huge difference.

Panorama of The End Of Winter

Panorama of The End Of Winter

Just consider how farsighted the Founding Fathers of this country were. Now (and this is the important part) they were all from radically different points of view on how to govern this great country. They all held different concepts on how to rule wisely all of the various peoples with their various ideas and ideals and yet to rule so all of the various people felt they were fairly represented. Never before in the history of mankind had there been a successful attempt at wise and just government. For all of the types tried before and now after fail, and some fail so miserably they defy literate description.

True democracies will always fail and they will fail for one reason. That reason being the one describing what happens when humans discover they can vote to give themselves breads and circuses at the expense of someone else. This system will always fail because sooner or later (mostly sooner) the takers of the breads and circuses outnumber the people who provide the money necessary to provide the breads and circuses. It is called the tipping point and every democracy reaches it. It is this point that 2012 Republican candidate for President Mitt Romney referred to when he stated there were 47.9% of the US population on the receiving end of governmental giving (the aforementioned breads and circuses). There is no form of government that can continue to take goods and services from the creators of those goods and services and dole those goods and services out to takers (almost always in the form of “assistance to those in need”). The creators begin to wonder why they work so hard only to see the sweat off their brow given to those who did not even bother to get up and shave in the morning. The takers, on the other hand, soon begin to wonder why their taking should stop at bread and milk, but should soon include cars, houses and cell phones.

Well, no form of government can or should provide those cars, those houses, or those cell phones to those who do little or nothing for such a magnanimous gift. And it is true now in many countries around the world (and in some libocrat run cities) that even a cell phone is now considered something everyone should have as a civil right, along with free food and housing (and in NY free college education). In fact, our last POTUS (Obama) won his first term as POTUS by handing out cell phones to get people to register to vote and then to vote for him. So, in a true democracy of one man one vote, those who produce what it takes for the country to have a vote are soon overtaken by the people who benefit themselves by voting for policies that allow them to work less and get more freebies. It is a downward spiral system that can end in the destruction of that society. The end of that society is written into the lack of a moral code in us humans and we bring about the end of our own society by our own societal lack of the moral and ethical strength to vote what is best for all, not best for ourselves

While a true democracy can survive for a long while, another form of governmental rule usually does not last very long. It does not last long because it is based on the charisma of the despot holding the ruling hand at the time. And make no mistake, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Stalin and Hitler are just among the latest of evil men using whatever words were necessary for them to gain their power. There is no “beauty pageant” election needed to put these evil men into positions of authority. Just plain brutal force is needed while their charisma gets their feet, and then their arms, inside the doors of governmental power. But even that is not enough to sustain such a government. For once again, the creators of the nation have their assets taken away (this time at the point of a gun) and the despots ruin the very people who provide the country with the items it needs to survive. Have not one of you libocrats ever wondered why Russia, with all of the vast steppes, could not grow enough wheat and corn to feed even the people of its own country?

There was never enough food or meat to sustain the Russian peoples even though the country itself is so much larger than the USA. The breadbasket portion of Russia is vaster than the entire USA itself, but it cannot grow enough food to feed its own people. Neither can China, nor most other countries around this entire globe. In a study published by the Huffington Post in 2012, the USA produces enough foodstuffs to feed 35% of the world population from the breadbasket of America (the central part of the USA, from the Alleghenies to the Rockies). The USA has less than 4% of the world’s population, but it feeds 10 times that many. Most of the other countries around the world have larger land masses, and more people, but they can not produce products the way America does. Have none of you libocrats ever bothered to wonder why this is?

For the most part, both Africa and South America are virtually lands that can grow products just like America does, but yet, they have not done so before nor do they do so now. Have none of you libocrats ever bothered to wonder why this is? The “Rule of Occam’s Razo” does sum it up well (that is, usually the simplest explanation is usually the right one) and it would be that with virtually no exception, these countries are not a Representative Republic (like the USA is, we are not a democracy), but almost always ruled by a king, a tryrant, a despot, or a truly evil and despicable excuse for a human being, like Idi Amin or Pol Pot. The closest thing to a representative government (besides the USA) is the United Kingdom with its House of Commons (our House of Representatives) and the House of Lords (our Senate). If it is not apparent to you libocrats that there is something inherently unstable in any form of one man government (king, tyrant, despot, etc.) then you are not only blind to life but your biased and bigoted view of the world is self-destructive to both yourself and those around you. You must begin to understand that to have a system of governing humans, you simply must take into account the human frailties. And one of those engines that make us produce our best is the belief we have in our government that says we get to keep what we earn, not have it taken away and given to those who have not earned their “keep”.

So, this brings us back to the Founding Fathers and their wisdom in designing a system that selects our President every 4 years. For they knew all of the inherent faults in any governmental system for they also understood what drives mankind to perform his/her best. And that concept is simply called capitalism, where you get to keep what you earn. But they also had seen where even with the best of heart and mind, the system would fail if it only allowed the mass of the people to have their sway. So, they (in all their divided political aspects) knew that each and every separate state would have differing ideas of what was needed and when it was to be needed. And our system to elect our POTUS would have to reflect ALL of the various people of the country, not just some. So, the idea of each state electing representatives to come together and vote for the new POTUS as EACH STATE voted for the new POTUS came about, and we call it The Electoral College.

The Founding Fathers already knew about people concentrating in cities, and understood that if the Presidential election were a pure majority vote of the people nationwide, it would soon become little more than a beauty pageant (pardon the pun). And each of those men also understood that given that condition of election, each candidate would promise every voter the moon if only they would vote for him. And they also knew that three or 4 large cities would elect the POTUS instead of the people of the whole country. So, each state is assigned a certain number of Electoral College Voters and they vote for POTUS as the STATE wishes them to (not the biggest city in the state, but the whole state). So, 250 years ago they decided that we were not to be a pure democracy, with the winner of 50% of the popular vote plus one more becoming the POTUS, but rather a representative republic where the winner of the most electoral votes as represented by each separate state would become the next POTUS.

Surely, in most of our elections, the POTUS won not only the majority of the votes but the majority of the Electoral College votes too. The year 2000 results showed Bush did not win the popular vote but did win enough votes in the Electoral College and he became POTUS. Is it not about time you libocrats started trying to understand why you lost the election? I can tell you why with the latest results from none other than information provided by the Huffington Post  (again).

First, I can dispel any myths concerning who won the popular vote (although by now you readers should realize I don’t give much of a tinker’s damn about the popular vote). Hillary won the popular vote of all the states and territories by 3,000,000 votes. Sounds like a lot of votes and it is. But, let us look deeper in what those numbers actually represent.

  1. Hillary won the state of California by 4,000,000 votes (yes, by that many numbskulls).
  2. Hillary won the state of New York by almost 2,000,000 votes.
  3.  Hillary won those two states by 6,000,000 votes alone.
  4. Hillary won the total popular vote by 3,000,000 votes.
  6. TRUMP WON 48 STATES AND TERRITORIES BY 3,000,000 VOTES. Okay you libocrats, this is why Hillary lost. Trump won the entire USA while Hillary concentrated on only certain parts of the USA

This is why the Electoral College exists. The POTUS is POTUS for the entirety of the USA, not just a few densely populated sectors of it. Hillary won 500 counties, Trump won 2600 counties, a 5 to 1 ratio. Trump won because he won the votes of the entire USA, and Hillary lost because she went only for a small part of the USA. Hillary forgot that she was to be POTUS for the entire USA, and that means us “deplorables” and “unredeemables” as well as her friends on Wall Street and in Saudi Arabia. Hillary wanted to be a beauty pageant winner but she was only an ugly duck.

The, editor, script writer, trash can emptier, chief cook and bottle washer

The, editor, script writer, trash can emptier, chief cook and bottle washer

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The Sanity Of Sunlight

Oh, the insanity of the last few months since the election of our new President of these United States (POTUS) is just going from mild madness to the full blown hate and evil permanent insanity on the part of Libocrats (liberals and democrats). Their hate has simply blinded them to not only how Hillary lost their Presidency but also why they lost. In a word of explanation, I have avoided writing my opinions on the foul and evil actions of the Democrat Party (the leaders, [Nancy Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary, Wasserman-Schultz, Rangel], the operatives [Podesta, Brazile, Mills] and the every day folk down at the street level, you know, your libocrat neighbors and co-workers) because I believed that deep down, they would do as they have told us “Irredeemables and Deplorables” to be doing for the last 8 years. Namely, Obama was POTUS and while we may not agree with his policies, he is POTUS and thereby eligible to enact his policies because (as Obama put it) “Elections Have Consequences”.

Not much of a fence, but then if your good people, who needs a big fence?

Not much of a fence, but then if your good people, who needs a big fence?

Except of course, given what the level of pure bile, driven by the hate that Libocrats have for anything conservative, the Libocrats (being liberal and democrats, and therefore born a hypocrite) have done exactly the opposite of what they told us to do for our 8 years in the wilderness. We (conservatives) acted like adults. We did not rant and rave about stolen this or hacked that, Libocrats did and continue to do so. We did not loot and burn and pillage public buildings and the private property of our communities, but the Libocrats did. We did not keep Libocrat speakers from having their say, but paid for Libocrat thugs have done just that. And these same Libocrats say it is legal for them to pillage, loot and destroy public and private property because the 1st Amendment gives them that right. I am not kidding about the utter stupidity of that claim as I saw it displayed more than 100 times on the evening news.

It makes me wonder if you Libocrats have ever even taken the time to actually read our Constitution? Because nowhere in it does it say that you can deprive others of their civil rights, or burn their property, or destroy their buildings just because you are angry. Rather, it does say the opposite and that such wanton acts of criminal violence should be punished, and punished severely. Nowhere in our Constitution does it give ANY individual the right to abuse a police officer acting in accordance with the laws of this land. But that is exactly what you Libocrats have been doing sine the election of Trump as POTUS. It makes you, your political party, and your beliefs look like a bunch of petulant 6 year olds whose doggy took your lollipop.

The 1st Amendment of our Constitution does give you the right of free SPEECH. It does not force anyone to listen to your moaning about how bad your feelings got hurt because your political party cheated and this country got Hillary as your candidate. I am laughing so hard at the arrogant hypocrisy of your leaders and how you followers just stand there, sucking your thumb (instead of your lollipop) while incompetent and immoral people have corrupted your political party. And you just stand there and accept the garbage they hand to you? And then you complain about the opposition political party instead of cleaning up the big pile of people poo that Hillary and Donna Brazile and others left behind? I ask you, “Where Are Your Morals? Where Is Your Ethical Spine At?” You Libocrats are nothing more than Jim Jones hypocrites, swallowing the poisoned kool aid the Dem Party tells you to drink and you do so, like sheep.

For months, you complained about Trump not releasing his Tax Forms (which he is not required to, just so you Libocrats can rest easy) while letting Hillary lie cheat and steal about her DESTROYING 30,000 plus (no one knows for sure) emails that were the Property Of US USA CITIZENS (not hers, she was OUR EMPLOYEE) and not turning over those she did have. You want rank hypocrisy all you Libocrats have to do is look in a mirror.  For, let us face the truth. Being a Libocrat, Democrat or Liberal is not just a political bias, it is a RELIGION with you fanatics!

Yes, being a liberal or a democrat is no longer just a political point of view, it has DEVOLVED into a religion. For a religion is a belief in a concept of which you can not prove, but you must accept on faith that it is true. This describes the views now as held by Libocrats to a T! For you believe that certain things are true, even when shown they are not, and that fits the definition of a religious believer. Nancy Pelosi (HuffPost on 2/2/2017) said “She would eagerly back legislation demanding Trump take a mental examination”. This is because he is of the opposition political party? Also, echoed this “Trump could be impeached because he chose a VP who supports cheap labor for the donor class.”? You have to take such crap on FAITH, Libocrats, and that makes you believers in a religion. You Libocrats really should be shining a ton of sunlight on your own stupidity and lack of morals and ethics, not condemning our present POTUS for showing the world what retarded individuals in the media and the Libocrat party have done to this country.

I heard not one libocrat condemn Congresswoman Maxine Waters for calling POTUS Trump and his administration (and this is a quote) “The Kremlin Clan” and “a bunch of scumbags”. Only a religion/cult would allow such words to be said by its leader and not have the ethics nor the moral courage to condemn such language. I can only imagine what would have happened to the poor conservative who said such a thing about a democrat or liberal leader, such as Obama. We now know for certain that the supposedly impartial DNC set up Bernie Sanders to lose on purpose, and they did so on your dollars, but you do not seem to mind that your money was fraudulently raised and then spent on behalf of a candidate that you had no choice in choosing.

By definition that means you believe in and belong to a cult of people, not a political organization. I still hear you Libocrats parrot the DNC lies of conservatives only want to poison the water and pollute the air. Talk about idiotic faiths, for did you ever even stop to consider we conservatives still have to drink the same water and breathe the same air as you describe us deliberately fouling? What idiocy can allow you to believe such garbage without proof of any kind except it being a religious matter of faith, you either accept it or you don’t belong.

Well, Libocrats, I do not belong. I belong where the sun shines down on all of us. It shines down now on all of God’s Children as it has shined down since the dawn of time. And it shines down on each of us, regardless of whether or not you acknowledge that there is a God. But believing in garbage like you libocrats do will call for you to pay a heavy price, unless you open up and let the sunlight of truth in to erase all vestiges of those dark shadows of the hate and immorality that your faith calls for you to possess and display towards those who do not believe as you do.

For you are easy to identify in almost any setting. It is you who is not willing to allow another person to give voice to their beliefs. It is you who is not willing to accept the outcome that you do not like. It is you who is willing to lie about others, to try and destroy their reputations merely because they dare to voice an idea that you do not want to hear. Someday, when the clarion call for truth and justice lights up around you and you then know you have followed a false religion with tin gods and dictators for your leaders instead of honest and well-meaning and caring Americans, I hope you have the moral courage to admit that you said and did things that no good American should say or do, and then go do something about it.

Let the sun shine in and cleanse you of the hate and fear and distrust and loathing you have for the sound founding principals this country was based on. Maybe then you will have the moral courage to go and do the right thing. Amen.

The, editor, script writer, trash can emptier, chief cook and bottle washer

The, editor, script writer, trash can emptier, chief cook and bottle washer


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Is It Not About Time?

The election cycle is now over, and it is time to ask all of you libocrats (that is democrats or liberals) whether or not you are true hypocrites. Of course those of us “Deplorables” and we “Irredeemables” (your very own candidates words out of her own mouth, not mine) out here in flyover country already know the answer to that question, You are full fledged, flat out born again hypocrites of the highest order.

For 8 years all of the libocrats in this entire country have been telling us conservatives that elections have consequences and that since our guy did not win, we have to sit down politely, shut up and support the President (Obama). I surely do hope all of you hypocrites remember telling us that because we did, for we do realize he is our President (Obama). While we did not believe his policies and beliefs would translate into making America a better place to be, or more prosperous, or that he would put in knowledgeable and experienced people into positions of great authority, we did hope that all would be better for OUR country.

As Obama’s Reign of Error, Lies, Obfuscation, Stupidity and Downright Corrupt Libocrat Blunders rides off into the sunset, I wonder why you libocrats are not following your own advice that you have been giving to us for 8 years. Namely, the new President is the President of all of us, and it is time for you to stop behaving liking a little girl who didn’t get her lollipop on time. Do you libocrats not realize that those thugs you hired to protest the new President are trashing and burning your homes, your stores, your cars and endangering your lives? How hypocritical can you be?

Well, I will relate some of your hypocrisy. But first, I have to set some ground rules so you libocrats can know when to be morally outraged or disgusted, or when to be ashamed of your spineless whining and bad behavior. One rule is that you should be outraged if your own party lies to you about the facts of life. All of you libocrats who say you belong to the Democrat Party should be aware by now of what information about your party and its elective machinations took place during the last cycle.

Your very own Democrat National Committee (DNC) is by its charter and now bound by law to be neutral in conducting your Democrat primary elections (do you libocrats follow this okay?). By that, it means they conduct fair elections, giving equal help to ALL candidates, showing preference to none. For you libocrats in Rio Linda, this means that no candidate is pre-chosen to win and no candidate is shunted aside in favor of another. You should be both outraged and mortified with shame from the Wiki-leaks information the the head of the DNC (D. Wasserman-Schultz) not only withheld money and donor information from her primary opponent, but internal documents also show that the fix was in from the very start as to whom would be the DNC Pres. nominee. Of course, we all now know that Hillary was the candidate of choice (telling you libocrats outside of the DNC inner quorum just what they thought of YOU!) and John Podesta, Sid Blumenthal, Donna Brazile, Schultz and others conspired to deprive Bernie Sanders a legitimate candidacy but also deprived every one of you libocrats outside of the DNC the power of your vote.

Do you really understand what these thugs did to your political party and to you? I sincerely doubt it for I have heard NO ONE, not one bleeping libocrat, complain about it and demand that these criminals be carted off because of the conspiracy they got into in denying you the power of your vote. These people stole your birthright right out from under your socks and what did you do about it? You moaned and whined that Trump and the Russians stole the election from Hillary! Talk about some folks not only being blind, but stupid to (you really are the Americans that Jonathan Gruber WAS talking about).

The mainstream media lied to you repeatedly and you did not seem to mind at all. Why not? Do you want to wallow is the ugliness of self-righteous pity that is undeserved? On the one hand, you berated Trump for having a potty mouth, but yet turned a full blind eye away from Hillary and her actual legal past filled with the hiring of investigators and lawyers to tar, smear and besmirch women who did file legal charges against her husband Bill (of which he was convicted and lost his law license). You are such a hypocrite for allowing the DNC to foist upon you such a poor candidate and you are such a hypocrite for screaming about a potty mouth but allowing a woman to smear other women to protect her rapist husband.

You also allowed them to force you to vote for a woman for President, and you agreed to vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. Now be honest (I know it is unfamiliar territory for you libocrats to be honest, but try) because both of us know you would be screaming bloody murder if a conservative so much as suggested someone should vote for Trump merely because he is a male (and you would be right to do so but it makes you a hypocrite because you allowed the vote for me I am a female argument to continue).

You complained bitterly about how rich Trump is (he is) but never said a word about how many billions the Clinton’s raked in with their phony foundation. The proof that it was a phony foundation, set up only to sell access to a future president is evident that it was shut down due to NO MONEY being donated to it in the months after Hillary lost the election to Trump. You complained about how many close ties Trump has to corporate entities (of course he does, he is a very successful business man) but you hypocritically turned away from this fact in the Newspapers: Hillary got more money from Superpacs and corporate interest alone than Donald Trump spent in the entirety of his campaign.

You really should stop being such stupid and crude people and realize that Americans should come first and foremost, not African-Americans, not Lebanese immigrants, not Islamic Terrorists, not ILLEGAL immigrants from south of the borders (notice I said ILLEGAL). Trump represents no threat to Americans who want to work hard, make their own way, earn their keep and become as successful and as rich as he has (after all, that is the American Way).

Trump is a threat to libocrats who want to open MY wallet (not yours, of course) and spend even more money we do not have just so you can feel good about some illegal immigrant in a Sanctuary City. Well, it is time for you to stop whining, stop crying, stop protesting, stop burning your neighbor’s car and businesses and start working with Trump to Make America Great Again. Otherwise you are just a stupid and shameful acne mark on the gluteous maximus of someone who is out there becoming great.

When will you libocrats see that the only way to have a good dialogue between the various sides of any issue is to stop throwing out the race/sex/gender/whatever card and stop the name calling so you can actually sit down and hear what the other side might bring to the table. You and your brethren are going to have to force the mainstream media to do their jobs accurately and right, without their political bias stopping productive thought and substantive ideas from coming to the surface. it is perfectly okay to have political beliefs, but you have to rein them in and drop the name-calling if this country needs to sit down together and come up productive solutions to the problems we all face.

Planned Parenthood is one of those areas where you libocrats refuse to take the high road, but consider this: How come your body is 0% of my business but your costs for your sexuality is 100% out of my pocket? Can you not see that if your body is none of my business, then you demanding money from me to pay for things YOU do with it is immoral (and disgraceful?)? Anyone with a lick of common sense can easily see that an abortion is a surgical procedure, but PP is allowed to perform them outside of a sterile operating room. PP makes way more than enough profits from selling off baby parts to get off the public dole, (this is where my wallet comes in) but you libocrats just name call and stall any attempts to put a bridle on that runaway problem. The ideal solution for abortions (since such is not mentioned in the Constitution, it should be remanded to the separate states for their remedy) is to have each state have its election to decide if the state will allow abortions or not. Then the separate peoples will have spoken, but you libocrats are afraid (if it came to a secret ballot vote) that you would lose big time, aren’t you?

No, President Trump (it does have a nice ring to it, does it not?) is no threat to any American, just to illegal immigrants, Islamic Terrorists and so on. And as long as you libocrats keep acting like petulant babies who did not get their bottle on time, you will never figure out what and why you lost the last election. Before you can clean up America as a whole, you have to clean up your own hypocritical, lying, loathsome, spineless, and no moral courage self, and that is a major undertaking, given what I have seen you capable of doing. However, I am more than willing to use some good lye soap, brillo pads and a water hose to help you start. Where do you want the first stream of water to be?


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Where Do We Go

A very good question to be asked (now that the silly season is over and we have a new POTUS waiting to be sworn in) is where do we go from here? In what direction do we all work together (for you liberals and democrats, this means working with each other) in order to drive this country to an even higher plane of success. There are literally thousands of tiny decisions to be made by our new POTUS. And while the effect of any particular decision made is miniscule, the cumulative effect of a lot of them can decide how successful the future of our great county can or will be. All of these little decisions will affect the lives of each and every American as we stride toward our future manifest destiny. The question is, will you losing democrats and socialists follow your own advice (you told us conservatives to work with Obama when he was elected in 2008) and at least give Trump the honeymoon we Americans traditionally give a new POTUS?

A truly awesome sunrise - Mother Nature at Her Best

A truly awesome sunrise – Mother Nature at Her Best


At least that is what should happen. What is happening now in Democrat run cities across this great country is you liberals and democrats are acting like little babies, not grown up adults. The burning and looting in these cities by supposed intelligent adults is telling us a vastly different tale. I say (supposedly) adults because they are acting like little five year olds who have had their ice cream sandwiches eaten by the family dog. No, these would be called juvenile delinquents in another day and age. However, the term juvenile means you are not an adult, so of course you fail to act like an adult. A juvenile delinquent, by definition then, acts like a child who has wetted their underwear,  The term “juvenile delinquent” is redundant by itself, for to be a juvenile means to not be an adult, and therefore you are also delinquent. But what else should the world expect from the followers of a political concept that apparently thinks it is ok to lie to the American Public with their first breath after being asked a simple question?

What else should the world think you democrats and liberals would do when you think it is ok for your candidate to run a private email account on which to do all of her official work on? The release of the latest of those emails say that both Hillary and crew of thugs and sycophants all knew what she was doing and why she wanted to use a private server.  The released WikiLeak emails tell us exactly the reason why, and Hillary and her staff were afraid  to put her work on the official government messaging net (as are all government business messages supposed to be). The emails from John Podesta to both Huma and Cheryl Mills state the reason is so the messages do not fall under the FOIA umbrella (for full disclosure of government documents). The staff would then be able to vigorously deny any and all allegations of “pay-for-play.” The numerous times when a donation to The Clinton Foundation and the payee of the donation ended up in a face-to-face meeting with the Sec. Clinton made up more than 50% of the meetings on her calendar. Don’t you think it is time for you admit that none of what has happened is the fault of anyone but Hillary?

What else should the world think of both the people who make up the party and the party itself if it is willing to prostitute itself (and she was willing to let it) just to remain in power? What has happened to the democrat party concept that it was formed to serve the people and not the other way around? In 2008 and in 2012, a democrat, Obama won the office of POTUS, and while I did not believe his policies were good ones for this country (they were not) I did wish him well and hoped that he would be a wise and gracious leader (he was not). It was you very same democrats that demanded we give Obama the world on a silver platter because we lost the election for that office (we did lose), so it was incumbent upon us to accept that the people have spoken, and President Obama was destined to be a President (he was). Now, since Trump won the election, It certainly seems only fair for you hate-filled and mean-spirited democrats to tone down your anger and at least give our new President-Elect the same honeymoon you demanded from us.

What else is the world to think of you democrats and Hillary lovers when you lose (despite cheating at every opportunity, whether or not it was successful, or even necessary)?  Why is it that you everyday in the street plain Jane democrats have laid down for such grifters as the Clintons and their gang of thugs? Are you just like they think you are? And that is so hateful that you would rather vote in for POTUS a woman (grifter she is, look it up) just because she is a woman? Is it not time that you stopped just taking the DNC talking points about both themselves (they do say such nice things) and their opposition (whew, I cannot repeat some of what the DNC put out) as the gospel truth and started doing your own research? Do your own research if for no other reason than you can honestly defend your talking points because they are your talking points, not someone else’s idea of what you should be shouting.

For what else would the world think of you democrats if you had truly listened to what you democrats said this last election cycle about your republican opponent? The following is a list of what every republican was described as since 1972 – racist, sexist, homophobe, warmonger, does not care about the environment (just silly on the face of it because we all drink the same air, breathe the same water and so on), anti-science (that one puzzles me too), misogynistic, mean-spirited, believes taxes are only for the poor to pay, pro-religion (honoring thy father and thy mother is a bad thing? to some, it is apparently), anti-education and a hundred other things. All of these emotionally charged epithets hurled across the front lines of newspapers or on the bottom of your tv screen have a cumulative effect. And then, because you would rather believe ill of any conservative, do you not do your homework, but rather swallow all of the above listed bilge water as fact, when you know it is not true. So how can others think well of you when they know that your own party leaders believe they can tell you any kind of lie and you will believe it?

Was it common knowledge before Hillary got enough delegates to be the democrat nominee that the DNC was cheating Bernie and his supporters? Yes, even I could read the WikiLeaks in the paper and saw that the messages showed DNC and the Clinton Campaign were working as one to get Hillary the nomination when the DNC was supposed to be the neutral arbiter. So why did you allow such blatant cheating to continue? It was your lack of moral fiber only that let Hillary be your standard bearer, not Bernie. Was it known that both the old DNC chair (Schultz) and the new DNC chair (Brazile) were cheating and feeding Hillary what the questions would be in the debates? Yes, and yet you decided to let them get away with the cheating. And you are unhappy because you think the world is looking at you a little oddly? Well, did you think it was ok for the DNC to line up women from 20 years ago to launch into diatribes about how Trump did this or that 20 years ago and they did so without any proof or vetting of their stories at all? Yes, you thought that was just fine and it was unseemly to even question the veracity of their stories. Funny how you thought it was ok for Hillary to form the squad to smear and besmirch women who testified in open court against Bill but thought it was not ok to even look into 20 year old stories, never heard before, And one of the stories was de-bunked right away (by me) when she claimed Trump lifted the arm rest up in their 1st class seating an the airliner(first class seating does not have arm rest that lifts). You want to have others look at you with some degree of respect, then you have to decide what is more important to you: being an intelligent and thinking adult or being a moron that has to let the democrat party think for you?

Where do you go from this point on will define whether or not Jonathan Gruber was describing you when he talked about “stupid Americans”. Are you (as a democrat) going to be so stupid as to do things to make this country become a banana republic just so Trump can be called a failure?  Are you going to continue to believe as gospel every word that comes out from the DNC? Are you going to continue to mouth ugly words of hate against every conservative (just because they are conservative) without examining for your what it is they plan to try and do? It was Pres. Bush 43 that proposed to make insurance portable, and to make your Social Security account yours and yours alone. Your democrat party pilloried both Bush 43 and every republican it could, just because it meant they would lose control of yet another set of purse strings (even though the outcome was incredibly a better outcome than what the democrats had at the time).

Where do we go from here, as a country, realistically depends on one thing. It depends upon whether or not YOU put your party affiliation in the background and your intelligence and love for this country back up in the front seat?

It really is just as simple as that. If every American stops listening to the party and starts thinking, the collective brain power this country has to throw at problems is staggering. Why not have us decide to use it to benefit each and every one of us instead of benefitting the powerful few at the top. It is extremely important for both political aisles of thought to stop being partisan and to start thinking on their own. For this is the only way two differning parties can sit down together and get things done in an effective and efficient manner.

To put it bluntly, it is long past the time for party partisanship to be shown. It is time for both parties to remember each side has valid and intelligent resources and we Americans want the solutions to our problems and not have the parties involved be the problem.


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The Author, in a moment of Leisure (please note the purple socks)

The Author, in a moment of Leisure (please note the purple socks)

I Am Beginning To Wonder

Yes, I am beginning to wonder just how politically hateful and bigoted you democrats and liberals (actually anyone who would vote for Hillary as President) are going to be. You hate-filled and mean-spirited people call any conservative a racist, bigot, misogynist, homophobic, sexist (hell, I am out of adjectives) who even dares to disagree with you on just about anything, but still support Hillary regardless of any information coming out concerning her actual words, deeds and actions on any subject.

First, you call Trump a vile and ugly-mouthed person. Okay, you can justify saying that about any person whom has been caught uttering what Trump was caught on videotape saying. You will not get an argument out of me that Trump has a mouth only a mother could get some soap in. But my GOD you Hillary lovers, you then turn a blind eye (and a very hypocritical one at that) to what Hillary HAS ACTUALLY DONE TO WOMEN (not just said some stupid things). When are you Hillary lovers going to stop being hate-filled hypocrites about Hillary and condemn HER for her ACTUAL DEEDS AND ACTIONS? Like the actions she did when smearing and defaming any female who lodged a LEGAL and LEGITIMATE charge against Bill Clinton. Or have you hypocritically forgot it was Hillary who formed the Legal team called the Bimbo Eruption Squad that hired Palladino to investigate and come up with any dirt to trash the reputations of Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick and numerous other women both before the White House and then during her stay there (Kathleen Willey).

You Hillary lovers are nothing but thugs who have democrats signs instead of eyes to see the truth with. Hillary is for one woman and one woman only, and you know which woman that is, and it is not you! Hillary has taken millions of dollars from countries that put women to death for merely being in public without a male relative (and you curse at Trump because he runs a beauty pageant, thereby showing off some of a woman’s best assets!). Hillary has never condemned nor turned down a single dollar from any country that denies a woman the right to vote (and she wants YOURS). Hillary has never said one cross word about any country that refuses to allow women to even drive a car (they consider driving a car to complex for a woman to comprehend-I know go look it up). And Hillary continues to rake in the loot from these same Muslim Shariah Law countries that say it is okay for a male to forcibly marry a 14 year old girl if that is what the male wants (yes, go look this one up too).

It is now only you Hillary lovers that are so stupidly partisan that you remain blind to why Hillary forced the use of her own private server, and it is only you stupid democrat Hillary voters who refuse to acknowledge that among the many emails she tried to delete were emails among her and staff discussing the use of a private server meant they were NOT SUBJECT TO FOIA REQUESTS (emphasis is mine). So please, stop the bull hockey that she did not know or understand what the little “c” on the message meant, because more emails showed she knew and understood (after all, she is the “smartest woman in the world”). Now to put it in language that even you stupidly partisan Hillary lovers will recognize, she has done what she has done so YOU could not find out just how evil and hateful she is to us every day joes, the so-called “deplorables” out here in flyover country. You will someday come to realize that she was talking about you too.

Have you Stupid Hillary lovers not recognized an obvious truth during the revelations that have come out of the Wiki-Leaks? I mean aside from the fact that it was your type who thought it was perfectly okay when the Pentagon Papers were leaked, but now that your Heroine is being toasted by the leaks, you are suddenly against such a leak? No, I am talking about how all of Hillary’s toadies and thugs are complaining that it is Trump and the Russians working in co-ordination and that Trump is putting our national security at risk, thereby trying to minimize the damage of what is contained inside the messages that are being published by Wiki-Leaks. Not one of you Hillary lovers (and her own campaign people) are denying that the messages are real and not faked and not altered.

You must be so full of Trump hatred to not know that Hillary has taken millions of dollars from foreign countries listed in the messages and that they reveal the Hillary you refuse to even consider might be the Hillary you are voting for. Those messages reveal that Hillary is a person who detests anyone beneath her (and that is almost the entire population of the world) and the people whom she does not consider a deplorable is an infinitely small number of people. And those messages include the information that Hillary and her friends consider Christians, Catholics conservatives and just about anyone not in their group as beneath contempt and are just too dumb to know to come in out of the rain, they are just that stupid. All of us (anyone outside of the Hillary circle) simply are too stupid and dumb to fend for ourselves, and it is only Hillary and her group that can lead us into the kitchen on a daily basis and get us fed (like a pet dog?). We out here do not have enough intelligence to bathe daily, much less brush our teeth, comb our hair, work to support ourselves, and so on.

It is you Hillary lovers that are enabling people like Hillary to continue propagating the lie that conservative poison the water and the air. It is conservatives that risk their money and their reputations by forming new companies and new corporations, putting all of their resources on the line, not Hillary and her types who take your money and give it to their friends to waste (has anyone yet found the $6 Billion dollars Hillary “lost” from her position as Sec. of State? I thought not) and yet revile and slander businessmen who put their own resources at risk instead of someone else’s money.

How do you Hillary lovers reconcile that she and her toadies simply cannot tell even a single truth when it benefits them? How can you even think about putting this person in office when (as far as we know, at least I cannot find an example of her telling the truth the first time about anything) her first response is to lie to your face? We know this is true for on the night the Benghazi Bungle happened, she emailed her own daughter with confidential information (see, even then she was using her private email system unwisely) that the compound was under assault by terrorists. Yet for the next few weeks she had the UN Ambassador trotting around to various news outlets peddling the idiotic story that the unrest was caused by a video on You Tube. And let us never forget she abused her position and authority by having the man arrested and jailed.

A Winter Snow-Filled Crater

A Winter Snow-Filled Crater

It  is also now known beyond a doubt that she ordered both the slowdown of releasing emails for FOIA requests and the destruction of the server and emails that contained work related messages that rightfully belong to the citizens (that would be us “deplorables”) and she had no right to destroy them (but of course, she did because while she considers all of us under the law of this land, she is not to be bothered by it). You Hillary lovers can moan all you want to about my conclusions as to why she did things, but you cannot deny she did them any longer. Well, if you are really that stupid and partisan, you can deny she did them, but wow, do you ever look like a toadstool when you do!

Face it, all you Hillary lovers. Hillary is a classic liberal who believes she knows better how to run your life than you do. She also believes that anything she does to put herself in power and authority over you is an Okay thing to do because SHE KNOWS BEST what you need for her to do. You need to be both stupid and blind not to see that she is unfit for any public office (that includes dog-catcher and mosquito sprayer). Hillary and people like her have allowed the Middle East to go from a brush-fire to a full-blown inferno, and if you Hillary lovers are stupid enough, those chickens will come home to rest, and that means here, inside the borders (if there will be any borders left) of the USA there will be no safety from the terrorists that are busy trying to blow up half the world in the name of Islamic Terrorism (words she cannot even utter aloud).

Do I know that Trump will be a great president? No, I have never said that, and he is simply and unknown as a politician (or as president). it is my contention that Hillary is such a vile, vicious and hate-filled person that no matter how badly Trump performs as POTUS, Hillary will have been so much worse for us citizens of the USA. I can vote FOR Trump, but if you can only vote AGAINST Hillary, so be it. My request is that if you wish to vote FOR Hillary, please be able to list intelligent and cogent reasons to do so and do not include reasons such as she would be the first female POTUS (that is so sexist it is stupid) or that she is a democrat. Neither of those two are reasons to vote FOR (or for that matter, against) any candidate. In just about 12 days, this country will face a red line drawn in the sands of time and history, and let us hope that when our citizens vote, they have truly taken the time to consider not only the party of the candidates, but the character of the candidate too. Let me close by repeating the words of one man from decades ago, but that I hope resonate in the hearts and souls of my fellow Americans “Judge me not by the color of my skin, but by the content of my character” (Martin Luther King).

We will forever be judged by the votes we cast in less than two weeks. I hope history will look back on us and smile at the wisdom we displayed.


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The beat up Cowboy

The beat up Cowboy

Oh Gee, I get To Say “I Told You So!”

Yes, once again I get to have a review of the present past and realize I hit another nail on the head in talking about an issue. And this issue is rapidly becoming a critical one, simply because the lies being told by the media and other people and groups interested in fomenting trouble between groups of American citizens. The sad truth about some of  our American citizens is that they are not now nor have they ever been interested in promoting the benefits and welfare of anyone but themselves (this is known as the “Me First” syndrome). I said from the very beginning of the legal procedures in both the Trayvon Martin and the Michael Brown situations that the race hustlers and the “racial activists” such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton had nothing but trouble to bring to the table. The people who lived in those two communities should have told those race baiters to get the blazes out of their town, but way too many people with weak minds and overactive emotions “felt better” about themselves when they allowed such people to come into their communities.

Now a lot of you thought this was a good thing, and it might have been, had Dr. Martin Luther King been the one coming in and putting his wisdom to work in the situation these towns found themselves in. Dr. King, knowing that it was better to be judged by his character than any other measure would have shown to the whole world that you must pick your heroes by what they are and by what they do, not what you think they may become later. This is an important point, for both the young men who died violent deaths did so not because of racial hatred, or because this country once had slaves. Dr. King would have led the community to find out what the character was and how these young men behaved before leading a parade to hang the police officers who come to the aid of anyone, regardless of race or creed or color.

There is now out there hundreds of “black organizations” who justify their existence on the basis of what happened three centuries ago. Of course they ignore what has happened in those almost three centuries, such as the Civil War and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They choose to ignore such broad events because they have to pretend those things did not happen. These people have to live the lie daily so they can lie and cheat and steal from others what they do not deserve and refuse to earn legally by the sweat of their brow (which 95% of the rest of us do on a daily basis-US Dept. H&H Services Statistics). These “black organizations” have to lie to everyone for their basic reason to exist ceased to be a valid reason decades ago. But the fact that this country fought a Civil War and abolished slavery a century and a half ago means nothing to a race hustler. It just is something they spin to the gullible and foolish liberals to pry money (mostly ours from government taxes) to fund their lavish life styles. Dr. King would look at these “black leaders” of today and shake his head in sorrow for they have thrown away the best advice he could ever have given them, and it is still the best advice around today if you want to be good at evaluating people and what they do, for he said, “Judge me not by the color of my skin, but by the content of my character”. Now this is where people like Al and Jesse are not worthy of shining Dr. King’s shoes.

For the right Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson are just some of the leaders in black organizations. Oh, sorry, the newspapers now reflect that such organization sound too “whitey” using those terms, so now these groups are led by “activists”. You can still accurately describe them as race hustlers though, because by their words and their actions, that is what they are. Which brings us to the main point of this essay. And it is a big “I Told You So.” The Black Lives Matter group has taken up the gauntlet. This group advocates the killing of police officers (yes, the very same police officers that come running to protect you from thugs like, well, Michael Brown for example). They expend precious public resources screaming about how badly a black thug (whom had just robbed a mini-mart and beat up an old man) was treated by the police while totally ignoring a problem a thousand times larger inside their own neighborhood. They want you to focus on police killing a black thug instead of forcing them to concentrate their resources and efforts on black on black crime (something thousands of times more invasive in black communities). They lose power, influence and money if you force them to try to solve the black on black problem rather than the problem of the once in a blue moon death of a black man at the hands of the police.

This improper focus they have is not a result of a slight miscalculation, but rather because their “judgment” is biased based on the desired end they wish to attain. The desired outcome is simply more money, influence and power for them, not the solving of any problem at all. This is true because the race hustlers lose it all if they cannot foment trouble and agitate for thugs and goons to take to the streets and cause untold troubles for the local police. It is up to the individual citizen to do their own thinking and come to the only logical conclusion as to why the same group of black leaders seem to keep appearing at the hot spots, and yet they never seem to find a way to cool off the the hot spot. Is it not obvious yet to you liberals that these people can not let the truth be known and then the healing can begin? Is it not more sensible to actually find out first if Michael Brown was indeed a thug, a strong-armed robber who beat up helpless old men because he could than just to lord him around as simply a teen-ager who got in the way of a rogue cop? I mean really, does it take that much intelligence to realize and know when your are being played for the fool?

This is where the latest stupidity of the BLM group comes to the front of the line again. I have never known a slave, much less owned one, since that practice in this country was stopped 100 years before I was born, costing us the lives of 600,000 of our American men. This country was indeed founded upon the concept that the debt a person owed another was not thrust down upon succeeding generations. So, by the standard of the Supreme Court sets in thousands of cases, there is no black person alive today who is owed one penny by anyone alive today because 7 generations ago slavery existed. That is right, you pretentious black bigots, you are owned nothing because you claim to be descended from a slave. I guess if you follow that line of reasoning to the ultimate end, you should be over in Africa fighting the mountain gorillas for the land they live on because that is where the first traces of humans have been found.

The latest lunatic demands from the racist and bigoted group have no merit or mercy or kindness of any kind in them, unless you are there to get your share of the pie. I have a suggestion for you BLM bigots and it is this: Instead of wasting your time and money trying to what you are not, why do you not go find a job, earn a living so you can be happy with what you are, raise a family (now that is a full-time job), become a pillar in your neighborhood, love your wife and family, do not go around robbing mini-marts and beating up old men (or women), well, the list of things you COULD be doing to make life better for all those around you is endless. But since you wish to blame others for your personal failures, I sincerely doubt if you either the courage or the morality to stand up and do the right thing for both yourself and the people around you. If you truly wish to follow a leader who is black, the do not follow the likes of Jesse Jackson and those types. Do not fall in the group that makes up BLM or NAACP. Instead, take a different path and follow in the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King and begin each day by judging others by what they do, not by the color of their skin.

18.5 to ONE

Ok, I know that you are probably wondering just what in the world the title of this essay is referring to. It is not a subjective number, but a factual number ratio, based on the data that is present in both the FBI Statistics Site and also data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as part of the American Way of Life numbers from the Department of Health and Human Services. It is also incontrovertible evidence (if you are willing that is, to toss out your liberal notions that police officers are inherently racist and do little else but go around looking for black males to shoot) that black males have little to fear from police officers (of any race) while the opposite is not true.


Just an Example of How Silly Guilty Liberals Can Get

Just an Example of How Silly Guilty Liberals Can Get

For you see, 18.5 to ONE is the ratio of police officers killed by BLACK MALES compared to the number of black males killed by police officers. And the number of black males killed by police officers (officers of the law of any kind for that matter) includes (but is not limited to) those black males killed while trying to commit assault, theft, burglary, home invasion, drug smuggling,rape, rob, or murder. For you idiots who buy into the Black Lives Matter stupidity, this means police officers have more to fear from the Michael Browns of the world than the Michael Browns of the world have to fear from the police. Black Lives Matter is simply a group of race baiters, thugs and hustlers using your stupidity and placing the blame for their lack of progress on another group of people. And it is you idiots of the left that buy into this arrogant ignorance and enable these con artists to continue to stir up trouble between the police and the very communities they are sworn to protect (and as shown above) in many cases, they die for.

These race hustlers, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charley Rangel and others, do not now and never have bothered to wait for the truth to be known before they throw their untrue allegations of racism and whitey hating blacks out for the unimaginably stupid and arrogant media and liberals to feed upon. The very basis for the founding of Black Lives Matter is the hateful lie spread by these same men that Brown was just a big kid, dancing on his way home from school, when for no reason, the racist cop just pulled up beside him and shot him dead. This was the narrative that both President Obama gave and the media and the race hustlers promoted, all knowing that it was not the truth. So you liberals, you tell me which side is full of hate and is mean-spirited: the side that said hold on and let us find out what happened or the side that shouted lies, brought thugs and goons into Ferguson and burned down nearly every locally owned business that it had (including the store that Michael Brown had just robbed and beat up an elderly man in doing so).

Which side of these two competing ideologies was it that begged for everyone to hold their tongues and to not be blaming either side until more was known? Hint: it was not the side Pres. Obama chose to weigh in on, he blamed the police department that very day for being so racist that they would shoot down and unarmed black boy (never mind said “boy” was well over 6 feet and more than 250 pounds, way more than the old man he beat up or the police officer he assaulted in resisting arrest). Officer Damien Wilson became a statistic himself in the war between black thugs and police departments nation wide. Black Lives Matter condemns police officers as racist when it is these same men and women who come to the aid of black families (wherever they are, in whatever city they are in) who call for help. And these officers never ask what color is the skin of the person who needs help, for they do not care what color the skin is, for their concern is for the welfare of the person who called them for help. But do the race hustlers ever thank these police officers for rushing in where angels fear to tread? Of course the do not for that would tell the world that the “narrative” the race hustlers need to have broadcast is false, vindictive, ugly, untrue and very mean-spirited.

Black Lives Matter is a very racist organization and it is easy to know this for one reason. It is racist because the reason it gives for its existence is not even close to the source cause for deaths of black males. In fact, the organization’s voiced reason for existence is not even in the top 20 causes behind the deaths of black males. This is not arguable, for the statistics from many sites all say the same. The vast majority of deaths of black males comes not at the hands of police, but at the hands of other blacks. A very supportable and reasonable conclusion then is inescapable (unless you are a liberal and therefore incapable of a logical conclusion if it is one that you do not like, or does not make you feel better about yourself) and that conclusion is that Black Lives Matter is here because some ugly minded race hustlers see a way to make both a profit off  making a bad situation worse and also to get their names in the headlines. That is a sad reason to form anything.

For if Black Lives did Matter, this group would be going after the major cause of untimely deaths of blacks, and that is black on black violence and mayhem, committed in the same black communities that suddenly do not want a police presence in them. Yet it is still these same police officers who time after time respond to a call for help from someone in these black communities being victimized by these same black thugs who face police and refuse to behave like a civilized person would. Why do more blacks get killed then by police officers in ratio to whites being killed by police officers? The truth is, more whites are killed by police officers with respect to the population ratios than blacks are, but since that does not fit the narrative the liberals want to hear about, you never read about it in the newspapers or hear about it on TV. You have to do your homework and go look up the statistics on such things, rather than take the word of a known liar like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. if Black Lives Matter truly wanted to not have the police face so many black men then the first place Black Lives Matter would be seen is the very neighborhoods where these black thugs live, and they would be showing these thugs how real men take care of families and neighborhoods, and it would not be shown by robbing old men in a mini-mart.

So why do so few responsible men and women (both black and other races) speak out about how poorly these neighborhoods have been served by their liberal democrat leaders? The answer is simple, as it is in most cases. If anyone of any race speaks out about the true nature of the trouble this country has about race or police, then immediately the race hustlers call THEM racists and bigots and drown out whatever good message the people might have to bring to the table, And you simply cannot carry on any reasonable debate when one side is refusing to debate the issues but rather calls the opposition names instead of debating what the message is the opposing side is trying to bring to the table, In this, the willing media is a heavy player and its own hatefulness and spite shows which side it is on quickly. You simply cannot reason with race hustlers when they blame everyone but themselves for the lousy neighborhoods they chose to trash.

The Democrat Party Symbol

The Democrat Party Symbol

A recent study published by Harvard University cited statistics that show black suspects are actually shot at a rate of 24% LESS than white suspects are. But you never heard that anywhere, did you? No, and unless you go find it yourself in the Harvard study, the liberals in the news media will never say it as it does not fit the narrative they wish to keep presenting. Further numbers in this same Harvard study showed that black and Hispanic officers were more likely than white officers were to shoot a black suspect. But these facts do not now fit the agenda of the democrat party, the liberals in this country, the media and the race hustlers, so most will probably never hear of them, and the news outlets will be content to let them make erroneous judgments when it comes to police officers. Yet, even though they THINK they know police officers are racist, hateful, mean and vindictive killers of blacks, guess whom it these same people call for help when they need it?

You guessed, it. They call into these same black neighborhoods the same people who get killed18.5 times more often by black males they are trying to arrest than the black male gets killed by them.  Hillary Clinton and Pres. Obama both support wholeheartedly the Black Lives Matter organization, which tells you which side of the Law these two fall on.

The Author, in a moment of Leisure (please note the purple socks)

The Author, in a moment of Leisure (please note the purple socks)

What Is Really Being Said When

There has been an awful lot of headline making phrases lately, mostly coming from the race hustlers about how bad the “black youth” have it here in America. There was the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” slogan put out by paid thugs and hired race baiters in the St. Louis area (showing up in a theater soon near you, like Chicago, New York and Los Angeles) over the police shooting death of Michael Brown. Naturally these race hustlers did not bother to correct the outright lies and terribly damaging false testimony as done by his comrade criminal thief after they robbed a local store and beat up the old man who ran it. Yes, you heard right, Michael Brown was a strong arm robbery criminal and he and his fellow thug had just finished a robbery when he attacked the police officer who merely stopped them as they fit the description of the criminals. And this was not Mr. Brown’s first interactions with the policemen who tried to make his town a safe place to raise a family.

So what is this organization really saying when it screams that Brown’s “Black Life Matters”? Brown was not murdered by another black person ( a cause of death among blacks that is more than 100 times those caused by a policeman – FBI Statistics). A black male is more likely to be killed by another black male than he is to die of a drug overdose. So what is this organization of race baiters actually trying to do when they scream out that police officers go out of their way to kill innocent black men? Let us take a look at some hard numbers, and for you black bigots who see racism around everyone not black, you should look in the mirror, or see how many fingers are pointing back at you when you point at a police officer and yell “racist”!  Do young black males comprise a too large portion of the people killed by police officers? Consider that from 1980 to 2013 (latest compiled stats by FBI) 93% of blacks who met an untimely death did so at the hands of another non-police officer black person (2014 black on black murders numbered almost 6,000). Did you get that and did you understand what it means? Conversely, there are only (on average) 96 deaths of a black person by a white police officer, so please, stop blaming the police and instead put your money where it will do the most good, in your own home and neighborhood.

First off, to you believers in “Black Lives Matter (BLM from now on)” , it means that at absolute worst, only 7% of blacks who meet an untimely death do so at the hand of a person of another race. Not all of that 7% meet their destiny with a police officer involved. The majority of the rest of black deaths were due to confrontations with police of one kind or another, this is true. However, in 89% of these deaths, the death was caused by gunfire and 4% by Tasers, all of the incidents being triggered by the violent reaction of the black person. Only a very tiny portion (less than 1%) of all the black deaths were caused by the unjustified response by a police officer. So, given that a death due to a black person murdering yet another black person is (93 divided by .7) 132.85 times more likely to happen then a death by a police officer, I have to wonder about the motives for the BLM people. I have to wonder because the numbers are published for all to see and mathematics for me is the same as it is for the BLM crowd (unless they learned the New Math, where the answer is whatever answer makes you feel good about yourself). For if they truly were for the concept of BLM, you would think they would start this philosophy at home, where 93% of their brethren die at the hands of their brethren. Once again, the data above is directly from the Dept. of Justice files, and the latest on file was of 2014.

Mr. Brown was not just an innocent little black kid walking a street in Ferguson that fateful day. No, he was not a little kid at all, but a very large man in his own right. So, for all you who want to believe in the bull hockey that the race hustlers who are running BLM are dishing out, please think a while before answering a few questions about what you would do if you were Mr. Brown for a day.

1. Would you and a buddy commit a strong-armed robbery of a store, beating up an old man while doing so? I do not think so, but Mr. Brown did.

2. Now that you had committed an armed robbery ( a crime to most of us), would you be so brazen as to be walking down the middle of a street, in essence just daring a cop to stop you and ask you what you were doing? No, I did not think you would do that either, but that is what Mr. Brown did.

3. Once you knew the police officer had identified you (because of your rap sheet being so long) and approached you, would YOU have then attacked the police officer, trying to grab his gun, in the meantime beating in the side of his head so badly that his occipital bone was shattered? No, I do not think most of us would do anything of the sort. But that is what Mr. Brown did.

4. Once the officer made it up and out of his car, with his gun drawn and ordering you to stop (this after you beating his head severely) would you then charge the officer knowing he had a loaded service weapon trained on you? I did not think so either. But that is what Mr. Brown did.

BLM said that Officer on the scene did not have any justification to draw his weapon, much less shoot an unarmed civilian. So you need to answer this question, would the officer have drawn and fired his weapon if Mr. Brown was a white man instead of black? Of course he would have, for Mr. Brown was going to kill the police officer, and you know this too.  So to you BLM believers, is this what you want to say to the world “that you believe the life of a bully and a thug is worth more than that of an old man and a police officer?” Somehow, if you are truly thinking about this, then you should be angry at the BLM fools who chose such a bad example for their group to promote and idolize. I do not say that BLM people are wrong, I just demand the same from them that I would any other group. That would be a rational and reasoned argument as to what the facts are and how they drew their conclusions from the same data that I did. It is perfectly OK for two different people to draw different conclusions from the same data, but since I always subject my arguments to rigorous testing, I believe it is perfectly acceptable to demand the BLM crowd to explain how they can justify this slogan from the facts we now know to be true.

To you folks who believe the trash being mouthed by BLM people, are you aware that an average of 140 police officers are killed in the line of duty (DOJ Statistics again) for each year since 2000? This is a horrible number of deaths for the people we hire to protect us. Most of the time, their motto is “To Protect and To Serve”, and they do so well. Any police officer can have prejudices. They can be bigots and set in their ways,, after all, they are just human beings like the rest of us. It is so ironic, but you BLM believers keep asking the wrong questions and you ignore the obvious right in front of your face. And you do so because it is always more comfortable to us humans to be able to put the blame for our failures somewhere (anywhere) else but on ourselves. By screaming “Black Lives Matter” you are elevating yourselves above the rest of humanity. I would gladly join you if you were saying “All Lives Matter” and then turned your efforts to your neighborhoods, teaching your kids that getting an education is not being an “Uncle Tom” or an “Oreo”. Here is a wonderful example of how silly your argument is:

Just an Example of How Silly Guilty Liberals Can Get

Just an Example of How Silly Guilty Liberals Can Get

I hear the BLM believers saying they believe since blacks are poor, that is why the policemen shoot them so often. However, “Poverty Is Colorblind” is an essay in this very blog a year ago on the root causes of Poverty, and race is not one of them. Poverty is the result of poor choices the person makes, not because of their skin color. A police officer does not know your financial status, he can only try to determine what he has to do to stay alive and do his job as his community demands it be done. The thug group of BLM does not give a tinker’s damn about Mr. Brown or anyone else unless they can use it to breathe life into the propaganda that this nation’s biggest problem is its race relations. I submit to each of you, go to our national cemeteries, our burial ground at Antietam or Gettysburg or Bull Run or Manassas, or our cemeteries  overseas at Normandy and Hawaii. I ask you to go to those places and scream out your stupid dialogues about Americans do not care for anyone who is not their skin color. Mr. Brown died because of the stupidity of the choices he made, not because he was black, but because liberals are the enablers of race hustlers in giving them an excuse to accurately name the real source of the cause of most black deaths (hint: it is not the police).

For those of you  who think the BLM racist and hate mongers have it right, I wonder if you can remember which political group it was the voted affirmatively to pass the Civil Rights Act? Hint, it was not the democrat party, who voted nearly unanimously against it. No, it was conservatives and republicans who helped pass the CRA (something the media and the present day democrat  party so conveniently forget). The Mr. Browns, the Rodney Kings and other black men of this world now being idolized by these idiotic tools of racist blacks must have forgotten something once uttered by the most revered black man I can remember, Martin Luther King. Do you remember what he said he wished people would do? If you do not, then here is his reminder” I ask not to be judged by the color of my skin, but rather I be judged by the content of my character!”

I, for one, have long wondered why the black community so often forgets such a strong but simple philosophy of how to live your life in honor and dignity. And the best answer I can come up with is, that if you try to live up to Dr. Martin Luther King’s marker, it is very hard to do so,  takeing too much effort, and the race hustlers can make more money by peddling lies and making groups like BLM seem to stand for the wrong ideals. I mean seriously, if BLM wants to make a difference in the lives of black people throughout  this country, I would help in a heartbeat. But that is not their aim, for their aim is promote themselves at whatever the cost is to the real victims of violence. It is the liberals in this country who, by refusing to hold groups like BLM and people like Mr. Brown accountable for their actions, enable these groups to irresponsibly aggravate race relations in this county. One has to ask liberals “Why don’t you fact check this organization as critically as you fact check Mitt Romney (or any other conservative or conservative organization)”?

What the BLM group is really saying is that “You Don’t Matter – Only We Matter” and to heck with telling the truth. The BLM group is nothing more than a terrorist group, wearing “America is a bad country” tattoos on their foreheads. And to them, America is a bad country as we want all of our brethren to have a home, be happy with yourself, and above all, live in peace and harmony with your neighbors, regardless of race or creed or political beliefs. But that ideal means no money and no power to the BLM believers, what a shame! Isn’t it a shame that you let groups like BLM get away with lying because you feel guilty about something your great-great grandfather did, so you let lies and propaganda stand as truth, just so you can feel better about yourself? Is it not about time for you liberals to take a stand on what your beliefs actually are, taking them out and examining them for a solid and reasonable basis for conclusions that you can stand behind? Or is that too much work for one such as you? I wonder now what your reaction would be if instead of the BLM group saying “black lives matter” it was the grand Kleagle of the KKK saying  mouthing off with their verbal garbage.