I Am Beginning To Wonder

Yes, I am beginning to wonder just how politically hateful and bigoted you democrats and liberals (actually anyone who would vote for Hillary as President) are going to be. You hate-filled and mean-spirited people call any conservative a racist, bigot, misogynist, homophobic, sexist (hell, I am out of adjectives) who even dares to disagree with you on just about anything, but still support Hillary regardless of any information coming out concerning her actual words, deeds and actions on any subject.

First, you call Trump a vile and ugly-mouthed person. Okay, you can justify saying that about any person whom has been caught uttering what Trump was caught on videotape saying. You will not get an argument out of me that Trump has a mouth only a mother could get some soap in. But my GOD you Hillary lovers, you then turn a blind eye (and a very hypocritical one at that) to what Hillary HAS ACTUALLY DONE TO WOMEN (not just said some stupid things). When are you Hillary lovers going to stop being hate-filled hypocrites about Hillary and condemn HER for her ACTUAL DEEDS AND ACTIONS? Like the actions she did when smearing and defaming any female who lodged a LEGAL and LEGITIMATE charge against Bill Clinton. Or have you hypocritically forgot it was Hillary who formed the Legal team called the Bimbo Eruption Squad that hired Palladino to investigate and come up with any dirt to trash the reputations of Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick and numerous other women both before the White House and then during her stay there (Kathleen Willey).

You Hillary lovers are nothing but thugs who have democrats signs instead of eyes to see the truth with. Hillary is for one woman and one woman only, and you know which woman that is, and it is not you! Hillary has taken millions of dollars from countries that put women to death for merely being in public without a male relative (and you curse at Trump because he runs a beauty pageant, thereby showing off some of a woman’s best assets!). Hillary has never condemned nor turned down a single dollar from any country that denies a woman the right to vote (and she wants YOURS). Hillary has never said one cross word about any country that refuses to allow women to even drive a car (they consider driving a car to complex for a woman to comprehend-I know go look it up). And Hillary continues to rake in the loot from these same Muslim Shariah Law countries that say it is okay for a male to forcibly marry a 14 year old girl if that is what the male wants (yes, go look this one up too).

It is now only you Hillary lovers that are so stupidly partisan that you remain blind to why Hillary forced the use of her own private server, and it is only you stupid democrat Hillary voters who refuse to acknowledge that among the many emails she tried to delete were emails among her and staff discussing the use of a private server meant they were NOT SUBJECT TO FOIA REQUESTS (emphasis is mine). So please, stop the bull hockey that she did not know or understand what the little “c” on the message meant, because more emails showed she knew and understood (after all, she is the “smartest woman in the world”). Now to put it in language that even you stupidly partisan Hillary lovers will recognize, she has done what she has done so YOU could not find out just how evil and hateful she is to us every day joes, the so-called “deplorables” out here in flyover country. You will someday come to realize that she was talking about you too.

Have you Stupid Hillary lovers not recognized an obvious truth during the revelations that have come out of the Wiki-Leaks? I mean aside from the fact that it was your type who thought it was perfectly okay when the Pentagon Papers were leaked, but now that your Heroine is being toasted by the leaks, you are suddenly against such a leak? No, I am talking about how all of Hillary’s toadies and thugs are complaining that it is Trump and the Russians working in co-ordination and that Trump is putting our national security at risk, thereby trying to minimize the damage of what is contained inside the messages that are being published by Wiki-Leaks. Not one of you Hillary lovers (and her own campaign people) are denying that the messages are real and not faked and not altered.

You must be so full of Trump hatred to not know that Hillary has taken millions of dollars from foreign countries listed in the messages and that they reveal the Hillary you refuse to even consider might be the Hillary you are voting for. Those messages reveal that Hillary is a person who detests anyone beneath her (and that is almost the entire population of the world) and the people whom she does not consider a deplorable is an infinitely small number of people. And those messages include the information that Hillary and her friends consider Christians, Catholics conservatives and just about anyone not in their group as beneath contempt and are just too dumb to know to come in out of the rain, they are just that stupid. All of us (anyone outside of the Hillary circle) simply are too stupid and dumb to fend for ourselves, and it is only Hillary and her group that can lead us into the kitchen on a daily basis and get us fed (like a pet dog?). We out here do not have enough intelligence to bathe daily, much less brush our teeth, comb our hair, work to support ourselves, and so on.

It is you Hillary lovers that are enabling people like Hillary to continue propagating the lie that conservative poison the water and the air. It is conservatives that risk their money and their reputations by forming new companies and new corporations, putting all of their resources on the line, not Hillary and her types who take your money and give it to their friends to waste (has anyone yet found the $6 Billion dollars Hillary “lost” from her position as Sec. of State? I thought not) and yet revile and slander businessmen who put their own resources at risk instead of someone else’s money.

How do you Hillary lovers reconcile that she and her toadies simply cannot tell even a single truth when it benefits them? How can you even think about putting this person in office when (as far as we know, at least I cannot find an example of her telling the truth the first time about anything) her first response is to lie to your face? We know this is true for on the night the Benghazi Bungle happened, she emailed her own daughter with confidential information (see, even then she was using her private email system unwisely) that the compound was under assault by terrorists. Yet for the next few weeks she had the UN Ambassador trotting around to various news outlets peddling the idiotic story that the unrest was caused by a video on You Tube. And let us never forget she abused her position and authority by having the man arrested and jailed.

A Winter Snow-Filled Crater

A Winter Snow-Filled Crater

It  is also now known beyond a doubt that she ordered both the slowdown of releasing emails for FOIA requests and the destruction of the server and emails that contained work related messages that rightfully belong to the citizens (that would be us “deplorables”) and she had no right to destroy them (but of course, she did because while she considers all of us under the law of this land, she is not to be bothered by it). You Hillary lovers can moan all you want to about my conclusions as to why she did things, but you cannot deny she did them any longer. Well, if you are really that stupid and partisan, you can deny she did them, but wow, do you ever look like a toadstool when you do!

Face it, all you Hillary lovers. Hillary is a classic liberal who believes she knows better how to run your life than you do. She also believes that anything she does to put herself in power and authority over you is an Okay thing to do because SHE KNOWS BEST what you need for her to do. You need to be both stupid and blind not to see that she is unfit for any public office (that includes dog-catcher and mosquito sprayer). Hillary and people like her have allowed the Middle East to go from a brush-fire to a full-blown inferno, and if you Hillary lovers are stupid enough, those chickens will come home to rest, and that means here, inside the borders (if there will be any borders left) of the USA there will be no safety from the terrorists that are busy trying to blow up half the world in the name of Islamic Terrorism (words she cannot even utter aloud).

Do I know that Trump will be a great president? No, I have never said that, and he is simply and unknown as a politician (or as president). it is my contention that Hillary is such a vile, vicious and hate-filled person that no matter how badly Trump performs as POTUS, Hillary will have been so much worse for us citizens of the USA. I can vote FOR Trump, but if you can only vote AGAINST Hillary, so be it. My request is that if you wish to vote FOR Hillary, please be able to list intelligent and cogent reasons to do so and do not include reasons such as she would be the first female POTUS (that is so sexist it is stupid) or that she is a democrat. Neither of those two are reasons to vote FOR (or for that matter, against) any candidate. In just about 12 days, this country will face a red line drawn in the sands of time and history, and let us hope that when our citizens vote, they have truly taken the time to consider not only the party of the candidates, but the character of the candidate too. Let me close by repeating the words of one man from decades ago, but that I hope resonate in the hearts and souls of my fellow Americans “Judge me not by the color of my skin, but by the content of my character” (Martin Luther King).

We will forever be judged by the votes we cast in less than two weeks. I hope history will look back on us and smile at the wisdom we displayed.


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The beat up Cowboy

The beat up Cowboy

Oh Gee, I get To Say “I Told You So!”

Yes, once again I get to have a review of the present past and realize I hit another nail on the head in talking about an issue. And this issue is rapidly becoming a critical one, simply because the lies being told by the media and other people and groups interested in fomenting trouble between groups of American citizens. The sad truth about some of  our American citizens is that they are not now nor have they ever been interested in promoting the benefits and welfare of anyone but themselves (this is known as the “Me First” syndrome). I said from the very beginning of the legal procedures in both the Trayvon Martin and the Michael Brown situations that the race hustlers and the “racial activists” such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton had nothing but trouble to bring to the table. The people who lived in those two communities should have told those race baiters to get the blazes out of their town, but way too many people with weak minds and overactive emotions “felt better” about themselves when they allowed such people to come into their communities.

Now a lot of you thought this was a good thing, and it might have been, had Dr. Martin Luther King been the one coming in and putting his wisdom to work in the situation these towns found themselves in. Dr. King, knowing that it was better to be judged by his character than any other measure would have shown to the whole world that you must pick your heroes by what they are and by what they do, not what you think they may become later. This is an important point, for both the young men who died violent deaths did so not because of racial hatred, or because this country once had slaves. Dr. King would have led the community to find out what the character was and how these young men behaved before leading a parade to hang the police officers who come to the aid of anyone, regardless of race or creed or color.

There is now out there hundreds of “black organizations” who justify their existence on the basis of what happened three centuries ago. Of course they ignore what has happened in those almost three centuries, such as the Civil War and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They choose to ignore such broad events because they have to pretend those things did not happen. These people have to live the lie daily so they can lie and cheat and steal from others what they do not deserve and refuse to earn legally by the sweat of their brow (which 95% of the rest of us do on a daily basis-US Dept. H&H Services Statistics). These “black organizations” have to lie to everyone for their basic reason to exist ceased to be a valid reason decades ago. But the fact that this country fought a Civil War and abolished slavery a century and a half ago means nothing to a race hustler. It just is something they spin to the gullible and foolish liberals to pry money (mostly ours from government taxes) to fund their lavish life styles. Dr. King would look at these “black leaders” of today and shake his head in sorrow for they have thrown away the best advice he could ever have given them, and it is still the best advice around today if you want to be good at evaluating people and what they do, for he said, “Judge me not by the color of my skin, but by the content of my character”. Now this is where people like Al and Jesse are not worthy of shining Dr. King’s shoes.

For the right Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson are just some of the leaders in black organizations. Oh, sorry, the newspapers now reflect that such organization sound too “whitey” using those terms, so now these groups are led by “activists”. You can still accurately describe them as race hustlers though, because by their words and their actions, that is what they are. Which brings us to the main point of this essay. And it is a big “I Told You So.” The Black Lives Matter group has taken up the gauntlet. This group advocates the killing of police officers (yes, the very same police officers that come running to protect you from thugs like, well, Michael Brown for example). They expend precious public resources screaming about how badly a black thug (whom had just robbed a mini-mart and beat up an old man) was treated by the police while totally ignoring a problem a thousand times larger inside their own neighborhood. They want you to focus on police killing a black thug instead of forcing them to concentrate their resources and efforts on black on black crime (something thousands of times more invasive in black communities). They lose power, influence and money if you force them to try to solve the black on black problem rather than the problem of the once in a blue moon death of a black man at the hands of the police.

This improper focus they have is not a result of a slight miscalculation, but rather because their “judgment” is biased based on the desired end they wish to attain. The desired outcome is simply more money, influence and power for them, not the solving of any problem at all. This is true because the race hustlers lose it all if they cannot foment trouble and agitate for thugs and goons to take to the streets and cause untold troubles for the local police. It is up to the individual citizen to do their own thinking and come to the only logical conclusion as to why the same group of black leaders seem to keep appearing at the hot spots, and yet they never seem to find a way to cool off the the hot spot. Is it not obvious yet to you liberals that these people can not let the truth be known and then the healing can begin? Is it not more sensible to actually find out first if Michael Brown was indeed a thug, a strong-armed robber who beat up helpless old men because he could than just to lord him around as simply a teen-ager who got in the way of a rogue cop? I mean really, does it take that much intelligence to realize and know when your are being played for the fool?

This is where the latest stupidity of the BLM group comes to the front of the line again. I have never known a slave, much less owned one, since that practice in this country was stopped 100 years before I was born, costing us the lives of 600,000 of our American men. This country was indeed founded upon the concept that the debt a person owed another was not thrust down upon succeeding generations. So, by the standard of the Supreme Court sets in thousands of cases, there is no black person alive today who is owed one penny by anyone alive today because 7 generations ago slavery existed. That is right, you pretentious black bigots, you are owned nothing because you claim to be descended from a slave. I guess if you follow that line of reasoning to the ultimate end, you should be over in Africa fighting the mountain gorillas for the land they live on because that is where the first traces of humans have been found.

The latest lunatic demands from the racist and bigoted group have no merit or mercy or kindness of any kind in them, unless you are there to get your share of the pie. I have a suggestion for you BLM bigots and it is this: Instead of wasting your time and money trying to what you are not, why do you not go find a job, earn a living so you can be happy with what you are, raise a family (now that is a full-time job), become a pillar in your neighborhood, love your wife and family, do not go around robbing mini-marts and beating up old men (or women), well, the list of things you COULD be doing to make life better for all those around you is endless. But since you wish to blame others for your personal failures, I sincerely doubt if you either the courage or the morality to stand up and do the right thing for both yourself and the people around you. If you truly wish to follow a leader who is black, the do not follow the likes of Jesse Jackson and those types. Do not fall in the group that makes up BLM or NAACP. Instead, take a different path and follow in the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King and begin each day by judging others by what they do, not by the color of their skin.

18.5 to ONE

Ok, I know that you are probably wondering just what in the world the title of this essay is referring to. It is not a subjective number, but a factual number ratio, based on the data that is present in both the FBI Statistics Site and also data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as part of the American Way of Life numbers from the Department of Health and Human Services. It is also incontrovertible evidence (if you are willing that is, to toss out your liberal notions that police officers are inherently racist and do little else but go around looking for black males to shoot) that black males have little to fear from police officers (of any race) while the opposite is not true.


Just an Example of How Silly Guilty Liberals Can Get

Just an Example of How Silly Guilty Liberals Can Get

For you see, 18.5 to ONE is the ratio of police officers killed by BLACK MALES compared to the number of black males killed by police officers. And the number of black males killed by police officers (officers of the law of any kind for that matter) includes (but is not limited to) those black males killed while trying to commit assault, theft, burglary, home invasion, drug smuggling,rape, rob, or murder. For you idiots who buy into the Black Lives Matter stupidity, this means police officers have more to fear from the Michael Browns of the world than the Michael Browns of the world have to fear from the police. Black Lives Matter is simply a group of race baiters, thugs and hustlers using your stupidity and placing the blame for their lack of progress on another group of people. And it is you idiots of the left that buy into this arrogant ignorance and enable these con artists to continue to stir up trouble between the police and the very communities they are sworn to protect (and as shown above) in many cases, they die for.

These race hustlers, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charley Rangel and others, do not now and never have bothered to wait for the truth to be known before they throw their untrue allegations of racism and whitey hating blacks out for the unimaginably stupid and arrogant media and liberals to feed upon. The very basis for the founding of Black Lives Matter is the hateful lie spread by these same men that Brown was just a big kid, dancing on his way home from school, when for no reason, the racist cop just pulled up beside him and shot him dead. This was the narrative that both President Obama gave and the media and the race hustlers promoted, all knowing that it was not the truth. So you liberals, you tell me which side is full of hate and is mean-spirited: the side that said hold on and let us find out what happened or the side that shouted lies, brought thugs and goons into Ferguson and burned down nearly every locally owned business that it had (including the store that Michael Brown had just robbed and beat up an elderly man in doing so).

Which side of these two competing ideologies was it that begged for everyone to hold their tongues and to not be blaming either side until more was known? Hint: it was not the side Pres. Obama chose to weigh in on, he blamed the police department that very day for being so racist that they would shoot down and unarmed black boy (never mind said “boy” was well over 6 feet and more than 250 pounds, way more than the old man he beat up or the police officer he assaulted in resisting arrest). Officer Damien Wilson became a statistic himself in the war between black thugs and police departments nation wide. Black Lives Matter condemns police officers as racist when it is these same men and women who come to the aid of black families (wherever they are, in whatever city they are in) who call for help. And these officers never ask what color is the skin of the person who needs help, for they do not care what color the skin is, for their concern is for the welfare of the person who called them for help. But do the race hustlers ever thank these police officers for rushing in where angels fear to tread? Of course the do not for that would tell the world that the “narrative” the race hustlers need to have broadcast is false, vindictive, ugly, untrue and very mean-spirited.

Black Lives Matter is a very racist organization and it is easy to know this for one reason. It is racist because the reason it gives for its existence is not even close to the source cause for deaths of black males. In fact, the organization’s voiced reason for existence is not even in the top 20 causes behind the deaths of black males. This is not arguable, for the statistics from many sites all say the same. The vast majority of deaths of black males comes not at the hands of police, but at the hands of other blacks. A very supportable and reasonable conclusion then is inescapable (unless you are a liberal and therefore incapable of a logical conclusion if it is one that you do not like, or does not make you feel better about yourself) and that conclusion is that Black Lives Matter is here because some ugly minded race hustlers see a way to make both a profit off  making a bad situation worse and also to get their names in the headlines. That is a sad reason to form anything.

For if Black Lives did Matter, this group would be going after the major cause of untimely deaths of blacks, and that is black on black violence and mayhem, committed in the same black communities that suddenly do not want a police presence in them. Yet it is still these same police officers who time after time respond to a call for help from someone in these black communities being victimized by these same black thugs who face police and refuse to behave like a civilized person would. Why do more blacks get killed then by police officers in ratio to whites being killed by police officers? The truth is, more whites are killed by police officers with respect to the population ratios than blacks are, but since that does not fit the narrative the liberals want to hear about, you never read about it in the newspapers or hear about it on TV. You have to do your homework and go look up the statistics on such things, rather than take the word of a known liar like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. if Black Lives Matter truly wanted to not have the police face so many black men then the first place Black Lives Matter would be seen is the very neighborhoods where these black thugs live, and they would be showing these thugs how real men take care of families and neighborhoods, and it would not be shown by robbing old men in a mini-mart.

So why do so few responsible men and women (both black and other races) speak out about how poorly these neighborhoods have been served by their liberal democrat leaders? The answer is simple, as it is in most cases. If anyone of any race speaks out about the true nature of the trouble this country has about race or police, then immediately the race hustlers call THEM racists and bigots and drown out whatever good message the people might have to bring to the table, And you simply cannot carry on any reasonable debate when one side is refusing to debate the issues but rather calls the opposition names instead of debating what the message is the opposing side is trying to bring to the table, In this, the willing media is a heavy player and its own hatefulness and spite shows which side it is on quickly. You simply cannot reason with race hustlers when they blame everyone but themselves for the lousy neighborhoods they chose to trash.

The Democrat Party Symbol

The Democrat Party Symbol

A recent study published by Harvard University cited statistics that show black suspects are actually shot at a rate of 24% LESS than white suspects are. But you never heard that anywhere, did you? No, and unless you go find it yourself in the Harvard study, the liberals in the news media will never say it as it does not fit the narrative they wish to keep presenting. Further numbers in this same Harvard study showed that black and Hispanic officers were more likely than white officers were to shoot a black suspect. But these facts do not now fit the agenda of the democrat party, the liberals in this country, the media and the race hustlers, so most will probably never hear of them, and the news outlets will be content to let them make erroneous judgments when it comes to police officers. Yet, even though they THINK they know police officers are racist, hateful, mean and vindictive killers of blacks, guess whom it these same people call for help when they need it?

You guessed, it. They call into these same black neighborhoods the same people who get killed18.5 times more often by black males they are trying to arrest than the black male gets killed by them.  Hillary Clinton and Pres. Obama both support wholeheartedly the Black Lives Matter organization, which tells you which side of the Law these two fall on.

The Author, in a moment of Leisure (please note the purple socks)

The Author, in a moment of Leisure (please note the purple socks)

What Is Really Being Said When

There has been an awful lot of headline making phrases lately, mostly coming from the race hustlers about how bad the “black youth” have it here in America. There was the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” slogan put out by paid thugs and hired race baiters in the St. Louis area (showing up in a theater soon near you, like Chicago, New York and Los Angeles) over the police shooting death of Michael Brown. Naturally these race hustlers did not bother to correct the outright lies and terribly damaging false testimony as done by his comrade criminal thief after they robbed a local store and beat up the old man who ran it. Yes, you heard right, Michael Brown was a strong arm robbery criminal and he and his fellow thug had just finished a robbery when he attacked the police officer who merely stopped them as they fit the description of the criminals. And this was not Mr. Brown’s first interactions with the policemen who tried to make his town a safe place to raise a family.

So what is this organization really saying when it screams that Brown’s “Black Life Matters”? Brown was not murdered by another black person ( a cause of death among blacks that is more than 100 times those caused by a policeman – FBI Statistics). A black male is more likely to be killed by another black male than he is to die of a drug overdose. So what is this organization of race baiters actually trying to do when they scream out that police officers go out of their way to kill innocent black men? Let us take a look at some hard numbers, and for you black bigots who see racism around everyone not black, you should look in the mirror, or see how many fingers are pointing back at you when you point at a police officer and yell “racist”!  Do young black males comprise a too large portion of the people killed by police officers? Consider that from 1980 to 2013 (latest compiled stats by FBI) 93% of blacks who met an untimely death did so at the hands of another non-police officer black person (2014 black on black murders numbered almost 6,000). Did you get that and did you understand what it means? Conversely, there are only (on average) 96 deaths of a black person by a white police officer, so please, stop blaming the police and instead put your money where it will do the most good, in your own home and neighborhood.

First off, to you believers in “Black Lives Matter (BLM from now on)” , it means that at absolute worst, only 7% of blacks who meet an untimely death do so at the hand of a person of another race. Not all of that 7% meet their destiny with a police officer involved. The majority of the rest of black deaths were due to confrontations with police of one kind or another, this is true. However, in 89% of these deaths, the death was caused by gunfire and 4% by Tasers, all of the incidents being triggered by the violent reaction of the black person. Only a very tiny portion (less than 1%) of all the black deaths were caused by the unjustified response by a police officer. So, given that a death due to a black person murdering yet another black person is (93 divided by .7) 132.85 times more likely to happen then a death by a police officer, I have to wonder about the motives for the BLM people. I have to wonder because the numbers are published for all to see and mathematics for me is the same as it is for the BLM crowd (unless they learned the New Math, where the answer is whatever answer makes you feel good about yourself). For if they truly were for the concept of BLM, you would think they would start this philosophy at home, where 93% of their brethren die at the hands of their brethren. Once again, the data above is directly from the Dept. of Justice files, and the latest on file was of 2014.

Mr. Brown was not just an innocent little black kid walking a street in Ferguson that fateful day. No, he was not a little kid at all, but a very large man in his own right. So, for all you who want to believe in the bull hockey that the race hustlers who are running BLM are dishing out, please think a while before answering a few questions about what you would do if you were Mr. Brown for a day.

1. Would you and a buddy commit a strong-armed robbery of a store, beating up an old man while doing so? I do not think so, but Mr. Brown did.

2. Now that you had committed an armed robbery ( a crime to most of us), would you be so brazen as to be walking down the middle of a street, in essence just daring a cop to stop you and ask you what you were doing? No, I did not think you would do that either, but that is what Mr. Brown did.

3. Once you knew the police officer had identified you (because of your rap sheet being so long) and approached you, would YOU have then attacked the police officer, trying to grab his gun, in the meantime beating in the side of his head so badly that his occipital bone was shattered? No, I do not think most of us would do anything of the sort. But that is what Mr. Brown did.

4. Once the officer made it up and out of his car, with his gun drawn and ordering you to stop (this after you beating his head severely) would you then charge the officer knowing he had a loaded service weapon trained on you? I did not think so either. But that is what Mr. Brown did.

BLM said that Officer on the scene did not have any justification to draw his weapon, much less shoot an unarmed civilian. So you need to answer this question, would the officer have drawn and fired his weapon if Mr. Brown was a white man instead of black? Of course he would have, for Mr. Brown was going to kill the police officer, and you know this too.  So to you BLM believers, is this what you want to say to the world “that you believe the life of a bully and a thug is worth more than that of an old man and a police officer?” Somehow, if you are truly thinking about this, then you should be angry at the BLM fools who chose such a bad example for their group to promote and idolize. I do not say that BLM people are wrong, I just demand the same from them that I would any other group. That would be a rational and reasoned argument as to what the facts are and how they drew their conclusions from the same data that I did. It is perfectly OK for two different people to draw different conclusions from the same data, but since I always subject my arguments to rigorous testing, I believe it is perfectly acceptable to demand the BLM crowd to explain how they can justify this slogan from the facts we now know to be true.

To you folks who believe the trash being mouthed by BLM people, are you aware that an average of 140 police officers are killed in the line of duty (DOJ Statistics again) for each year since 2000? This is a horrible number of deaths for the people we hire to protect us. Most of the time, their motto is “To Protect and To Serve”, and they do so well. Any police officer can have prejudices. They can be bigots and set in their ways,, after all, they are just human beings like the rest of us. It is so ironic, but you BLM believers keep asking the wrong questions and you ignore the obvious right in front of your face. And you do so because it is always more comfortable to us humans to be able to put the blame for our failures somewhere (anywhere) else but on ourselves. By screaming “Black Lives Matter” you are elevating yourselves above the rest of humanity. I would gladly join you if you were saying “All Lives Matter” and then turned your efforts to your neighborhoods, teaching your kids that getting an education is not being an “Uncle Tom” or an “Oreo”. Here is a wonderful example of how silly your argument is:

Just an Example of How Silly Guilty Liberals Can Get

Just an Example of How Silly Guilty Liberals Can Get

I hear the BLM believers saying they believe since blacks are poor, that is why the policemen shoot them so often. However, “Poverty Is Colorblind” is an essay in this very blog a year ago on the root causes of Poverty, and race is not one of them. Poverty is the result of poor choices the person makes, not because of their skin color. A police officer does not know your financial status, he can only try to determine what he has to do to stay alive and do his job as his community demands it be done. The thug group of BLM does not give a tinker’s damn about Mr. Brown or anyone else unless they can use it to breathe life into the propaganda that this nation’s biggest problem is its race relations. I submit to each of you, go to our national cemeteries, our burial ground at Antietam or Gettysburg or Bull Run or Manassas, or our cemeteries  overseas at Normandy and Hawaii. I ask you to go to those places and scream out your stupid dialogues about Americans do not care for anyone who is not their skin color. Mr. Brown died because of the stupidity of the choices he made, not because he was black, but because liberals are the enablers of race hustlers in giving them an excuse to accurately name the real source of the cause of most black deaths (hint: it is not the police).

For those of you  who think the BLM racist and hate mongers have it right, I wonder if you can remember which political group it was the voted affirmatively to pass the Civil Rights Act? Hint, it was not the democrat party, who voted nearly unanimously against it. No, it was conservatives and republicans who helped pass the CRA (something the media and the present day democrat  party so conveniently forget). The Mr. Browns, the Rodney Kings and other black men of this world now being idolized by these idiotic tools of racist blacks must have forgotten something once uttered by the most revered black man I can remember, Martin Luther King. Do you remember what he said he wished people would do? If you do not, then here is his reminder” I ask not to be judged by the color of my skin, but rather I be judged by the content of my character!”

I, for one, have long wondered why the black community so often forgets such a strong but simple philosophy of how to live your life in honor and dignity. And the best answer I can come up with is, that if you try to live up to Dr. Martin Luther King’s marker, it is very hard to do so,  takeing too much effort, and the race hustlers can make more money by peddling lies and making groups like BLM seem to stand for the wrong ideals. I mean seriously, if BLM wants to make a difference in the lives of black people throughout  this country, I would help in a heartbeat. But that is not their aim, for their aim is promote themselves at whatever the cost is to the real victims of violence. It is the liberals in this country who, by refusing to hold groups like BLM and people like Mr. Brown accountable for their actions, enable these groups to irresponsibly aggravate race relations in this county. One has to ask liberals “Why don’t you fact check this organization as critically as you fact check Mitt Romney (or any other conservative or conservative organization)”?

What the BLM group is really saying is that “You Don’t Matter – Only We Matter” and to heck with telling the truth. The BLM group is nothing more than a terrorist group, wearing “America is a bad country” tattoos on their foreheads. And to them, America is a bad country as we want all of our brethren to have a home, be happy with yourself, and above all, live in peace and harmony with your neighbors, regardless of race or creed or political beliefs. But that ideal means no money and no power to the BLM believers, what a shame! Isn’t it a shame that you let groups like BLM get away with lying because you feel guilty about something your great-great grandfather did, so you let lies and propaganda stand as truth, just so you can feel better about yourself? Is it not about time for you liberals to take a stand on what your beliefs actually are, taking them out and examining them for a solid and reasonable basis for conclusions that you can stand behind? Or is that too much work for one such as you? I wonder now what your reaction would be if instead of the BLM group saying “black lives matter” it was the grand Kleagle of the KKK saying  mouthing off with their verbal garbage.


It Is Roy Orbison Time

It’s Over. I remember the song so very well, sung with such perfection and with a rising pitch, you just knew something terrible was going to happen during this famous song. What now is over? For one, although I have staunchly defended our judicial system, our system of jurisprudence, our system of laws that govern all of us, my time as a defender of truth, justice and the American Way is over.

Does anyone remember Scooter Libby? Does anyone remember Sen. Howard Baker?  I remember when Bush 43 was in office, there was a very tiny leak of whom might have been an agent at one time. In a story written by columnist Robert Novak, Valerie Plame was named as the source of a suggestion that the White House appoint one Joseph Wilson to investigate an incident in Africa. Mr. Wilson happened to be the husband of Valerie Plame and a non-covert agent with the CIA (July 2003, The New York Times and many liberally biased newspapers ran her story many times) and in naming Mr. Wilson, it opened up Mrs. Wilson (aka Valerie Plame) to public scrutiny. Even though it was known at the time who leaked this information (Colin Powell and Richard Armitage, US State Dept. – yes the same State Department Mrs. Clinton headed later, small world is it not?) the democrats demanded and got a Special Prosecutor, backed up by the full force and weight of the Justice Department.

Even though the perpetrators of the leak were already known, the FBI did their job with a vengeance (I mean seriously, if you are going to all this trouble, better do a fine job of it). Even though Scooter Libby had nothing to do with the leak, he was still charged and convicted of obstructing justice. The reporter he talked to testified she did not learn from Libby who the agent was or the name, but Libby was still convicted by the jury of perjury for testifying to the FBI he did not reveal nor know who the agent was. It was not until later that the two people guilty of revealing the name of Valerie Plame became known, but Libby had already dropped any and all appeals to clear his name, for he had no more resources left to pay for any further litigation. President Bush commuted his sentence. Oh, and while Libby was under investigation by the FBI for his conduct in the Plame Case, he had enough honor and courage to resign rather than drag the rest of us into the mess.

So, in this case, a vey highly placed conservative republican lawyer was convicted and sent to jail, his life and his fortune gone, and as it later proved out, he was innocent of the reason the special prosecutor, the FBI and the DOJ went after him. It was just a little more than a short decade ago that there was justice in this great land of ours, both for the high and the mighty, and for the little fellow, too.

I am about as little a fellow as they get, just one of our country’s everyday civil servants, not paid much, but try to do the best job I can because my fellow Americans deserve only the best I can give. While I was serving in Washington, DC, the FBI and the Inspector General’s office contacted me and wanted to question me. I asked what do they want to know about, only to be told to report to them for questioning, as I was not to know of any of the reasons I would be questioned by these authorities. Later, I found out that a complaint had been lodged that I had misappropriated and mi-used government funds for personal use. But I knew naught of this at the time. For three days, I tried to figure out why I would be questioned by such people, but I failed to come up with any reason at all.

I was asked if I wanted a lawyer, I said “No”. After 11 hours of various questions, I finally figured out just what this was all about. I never asked for a lawyer, nor did I need one, nor did I ever plead  the 5th Amendment. When I was finally able to get a word in, I asked the agents to simply call back to my previous duty station, and ask the Technical Support Staff some questions.

1. Is the 1986 Dodge Van present at the facility? Yes, it was.

2. Look in the tool drawer under the front passenger seat, and tell the agents what is in there. The original AM radio was still in the bin under the front passenger seat (it had been thought I had taken it for my personal use).

3. Have the security personnel examine the sign in records for a Saturday signature sign in of me, on Saturday, April 19, 1986. There was.

4. I asked the agents if they wished to see the purchase ticket of the AM-FM Cassette Player that was now installed in the Dodge Van.  (As you can guess by now, I had figured out what the problem was).

5. In my packet of information, I not only had the date I had installed the radio, but the Sears ticket showing MY credit card number as having paid for the radio in question. This also was how I knew to tell them what day to check if I was there.

There you have it. I did not need a lawyer. I told the truth, but it was fortunate that even back then, my daily planner came in very handy to help the memory (which in many cases is not allowed any more). I did not plead ignorance, nor did I say I cannot remember. I was then a civil servant, and to me it was unthinkable that I should lie or not answer any and all questions, for I was being paid for my services by you, Joe Blow Taxpayer.

Now contrast Scooter Libby’s actions, add them to how I performed under pressure of an FBI “Investigation” (not an inquiry, I know what the difference is) and please compare them to not only Hillary Clinton herself, but also those lousy excuses for human beings she has surrounded herself with. In case you did not notice, every one of those people faced the questions of the courts with a battery of the same lawyers, the same pleadings of the 5th and mostly, the same “I do not know” and “I do not remember”.  Please note also that us little people do not get away with excusing our conduct (both good and bad) by saying “it was done because it was convenient” (Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton, in front of the press have said this many times). I do not doubt that you or I would go to jail if we tried such an excuse in front of the FBI or the DOJ (or the IRS for that matter!). I would only say to you die-hard democrats, who seem to think that Hillary can walk on water, that if you truly believe what Hillary says is the truth and that what she has done and said is ok, then you should try them on the next police officer who pulls you over for speeding. If you do not do just exactly that, then at least have the guts to admit that Hillary Clinton is tarnished goods, at the very best, and unfit for public office. Either the rule of law applies to all of us, or it applies to none of us.

Now, remember who Howard Baker was? A senator from Tennessee, a man of honor and integrity. Even though Pres. Nixon was of his own Republican Party, Sen. Howard Baker was a man of loyalty and fidelity to his country first, and his political affiliations came later down the line. It was Sen. Baker who first asked of his own President, mired in the Watergate Scandal, “what did you know and when did you know it?”. Sen. Baker also had this country’s best interests foremost in his desire to serve us well, so much so he suggested Pres. Nixon should resign because of his actions during Watergate.

All of the above is extremely important in today’s society of apparently low standards for moral and ethical conduct by our elected (and ones hoping to be elected) leaders. It is such a shame and so hypocritical of you liberals and democrats that you screamed for the head of Pres. Bush after 9-11-01, and wanted Libby to do the perp walk and spend his life in a jail cell for virtually nothing. Yet, those who screamed for blood from any republican or conservative who dare say a word about Islamic Terrorists seem perfectly happy that Hillary Clinton has cost us lives and blood and treasure and you seem to be perfectly okay with that. Is being such a hypocrite part of your right of passage to get the money from the pockets of us everyday joes out here, that  you  can allow a separate system of justice just because if you do not, one of your side goes to jail? At least us conservatives put the life and needs of this country first and foremost, and I wonder when and if you democrats are ever going to stop being so hate-filled and stupid about this world and join the rest of us in an honest effort to take back this country from those who would destroy it for their own personal gain?

Since when did honor and truth have a wall that stopped it at the foot of a political belief? For that is what you have now demanded from our justice system. Political beliefs should always be secondary to honor and truth. You have absented yourself from the faith of our forefathers that ALL MEN/WOMEN are created equal. You now believe that some of us can lord their criminal activities over us (since you want them to be immune from prosecution) because they carry the little d beside their name on the ballot?  You have now thrown in your lot with the leaders of the Nazi Party who said it was the party that was important, not the individual. It was the Nazi regime, the Pol Pot regime, Stalin and his kind that believed they could do what they wished because they were more important than the man in the street. Since when, I ask you democrat kool-aid drinkers, did party affiliation mean more to you than our country being the best that this planet has ever seen?

Since when did honor, truth, service to your fellow man, love for your fellow citizens, care for the man in the foxhole watching your back, and the desire to be free become subservient to one political belief? Sen. Howard Baker stood up to the worst his party could do, and was able to stand proudly because he did what truth and honor said an American would do. I wonder how many of you democrats are going to stand up now and stop the hate and the lying propaganda coming out of the mouths of your leaders? You need to do this before it is too late and this country goes the way of the dodo bird. You need to get some courage and stand for truth, honor and justice before Roy Orbison and the Fat Lady sing “It’s Over”.

The American Left Declares War

Yes, it is indeed a very sad day in this wonderful country of ours. The American Left (described herein as socialist, progressives. liberals, democrats, the mainstream media and other assorted loonies, (whoops now I am being redundant) have indeed declared war. I just wish it was someone like Islamic terrorists they had declared war upon. Or if not Islamic terrorists, then maybe the drug lords of Mexico or the Middle Eastern countries, but no, they did not declare war on any entity that is waging a fierce battle with this country.

Of course, now that I think about it, declaring war on this particular opponent is surely one way to stay safe and warm and to not get your butt shot off when facing (ahem) the enemy. For you see, the American Left (AL from here on after) has not declared war on anyone who has ever fired a shot in anger at a US citizen (heck this opponent has never even fired a weapon, much less at one of us). No sir, the brave men and women of the Loony Left (sorry AL, my bad) have declared war up and now make daily assaults on just telling the truth. You know, telling it like it is? I know that virtually every modern day journalist has been told that once upon a time their job was to seek out the truth and reveal it to the public, at whatever the cost was. After all, that is why our forefathers made it the First Amendment, freedom of speech is that important.

The AL is really dug in deep now, and their efforts, aided by a willing media (this help by the lame stream media is just beyond my comprehension) are making serious inroads into the ability of our electorate to know just which of the candidates is indeed the better candidate to vote for in our next Presidential election (coming soon to a voting booth near you). And the sad truth is, President Obama is the AL leader out there in front leading the charge in this assault by them on people telling the truth.

It was only a few days ago when Obama was so fighting mad about the Islamic terrorist shooting up the LGBT bar in Orlando, FL. Only he was not mad at the terrorists who did the shooting and the murdering of innocent civilians, he was very, very angry at Republicans and Donald Trump (shooting mad, I would guess). The Liberals War on Truth (LWOT) went into high gear by lying right then and there when Pres. Obama says Republicans are more an enemy of the USA than some Islamic terrorist. But this is not the first time that the LWOT has reared its ugly head in the name of partisan politics. Heavens no, I just wish it were.

How many of you have forgotten (you liberals/democrats have probably conveniently forgotten this sorry episode by the present Administration) but that it was none other than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, in the aftermath of the murders and the Bungle at Benghazi, sent out UN Ambassador Rice to all the Sunday talk shows? Do any of you remember what she was told to say then and what she was saying it about? I do, and to this day I still wonder why the media and the press and yes, you stupid liberals/democrats just thought it was dandy to have our UN Ambassador lie on national tv like she was born to do just that.

This is Democrat Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton

This is Democrat Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton

Ambassador Rice told this whole nation through the 4 talk shows she was on that it was not a terrorist act that got the American Ambassador to Libya and 3 other Americans murdered at the Benghazi Consulate. Remember what she said was the cause? She stated repeatedly, on 4 national tv shows that it was just a bunch of angry students that were riled up over an American produced video (I wondered at the time where these students had kept those RPGs at, under their beds in their dorm rooms, maybe?). She said this, then repeated it, on orders from both Hillary Clinton and Obama, from the White House.

What makes this whole series of flat out lies so egregious is that not only were Americans MURDERED by Islamic terrorists, but the administration (including Hillary herself) knew it AT THE TIME. And yet, a week later, they still sent out this lying toad of an ambassador to LIE straight out to the American people. And the toadies in the media and the democrat party people (that is you voters who vote for Hillary in any way whatsoever) just let her lie and NO ONE outside of a few conservative media people tried to get the truth out.

And we do know what the truth is, finally, don’t we? Hillary lied and said students did it. Hillary lied and said none of her emails contained any confidential information at all. And no one in the democrat party or the media did anything but scream epithets when someone tried to say what the truth actually was. We now know because an honest data storage company saved what Hillary had told them to destroy, namely emails that contained messages from that very night those Americans were murdered by Islamic terrorists. Yes, Hillary lied about the cause of the murders. Yes, Hillary lied about not handling secret information on emails from her personal server. Because on that night, she sent an email to her daughter telling Chelsea that it was Islamic terrorists that had burned the consulate and murdered the Ambassador and 3 other American citizens.

We know these are not accusations, but facts. And they mean Hillary Lied, Americans died, and the democrats, liberals and mainstream media thought it was just dandy that lying like this was done by Hillary and other leaders in the democrat party, for they let it go and lapped up the adulation of those people like a sponge. Never forget the scene at the AFB when the caskets arrived bearing the murdered Americans, and Hillary stood over them and lied to the grieving family members, and the media loved it, let all her lies stand without objection. Is this the kind of President you want?  Absolute evidence that Hillary sent secret information over her server, to her daughter (who cannot have a top secret clearance , you know) and you stupid democrats think that is ok? Then Hillary turns around and sends out a slave in Rice to parrot and trash the Americans murdered at Benghazi, and you are OK with that?

The latest thing in the LWOT is the sending out of yet another slave in a black woman’s outfit to do yet more lying for Obama and the like. Only now, the Obama people say it is to protect the “delicate sensitivities” of some of the American people, like those who cannot say the words “Islamic Terrorist”. The Orlando 911 tapes have been deliberately edited to make it appear to be a good case of local community violence and promote the asinine liberal gun control laws. This is such a sorry case of political correctness that it should make every American grab a weapon and so searching for the top ranked idiots who think being nice to Islamic Terrorists is going to make them be nice to the next bunch of Christians they behead. Better yet, let us send over most of our moronic media people who believe it is just fine to lie about Islamic Terrorist and let them become “embedded” with those groups. Embedded is the right word, for the people these useful idiots cannot and will not name seem to make it a policy to behead anyone they disagree with. Well, it would cut down some on the toadies in the media who think democrats are nice people.

This is AG Loretta Lynch

This is AG Loretta Lynch

AG Lynch called this just another episode of “workplace violence” as if the 911 calls that had the Islamic Terrorist pledging allegiance to ISIS did not exist. And some of you believe that AG Lynch has got the balls to indict (for perjury, for mishandling classified information, for breaking the security laws in about 25000 different ways)  the Democrat Party Presidential Nominee and then put Hillary on trial? The LWOT people are simply not the same Americans that our forefathers envisioned more than 2 centuries ago, They envisioned a people still full of strong beliefs in God, wisdom truth and the American Way. Little could they know that a political party would become so full of corrupt and crappy barbarians that lying about serious matters would not even be on their radar screen as a concern. Not as long as that lying meant they kept their power base and their personal perks for themselves. Is this what the democrats around the country out here really want from their party? I hope not, because it means this country will not survive this episode of pure human baseness and corruption to the very core of what it means to be an American. And the Hillary Clintons, Loretta Lynches, Barack Obamas of that world of lying sacks of human excrement are just the forefront of the parade into degradation this country has never had to see.

Go look in your dictionary for the definition of the word “Lie or Liar” , and you will find Hillary Clinton’s photograph there. Go find the word fibber and you will find Loretta Lynch, or Debbie Wasserman-Schulz or Obama, any of them will do just fine. And if you want to find out the media’s responsibility in all this, remember, their job is to seek out and find the truth, one they gave up long ago in their quest to become toadies and hired thugs for the lying chiefs of the democrat party. And do not forget, it is not just Obama or Hillary who have done much public lying lately.

We must never forget that the director of the IRS, John Koskinen MUST be impeached and removed from his lofty and well paid position as head of the IRS. It was under his watch that Lois Lerner and others with spiteful hate-filled hearts deliberately put conservative groups through a public flogging of washing the donors lists to these organizations while supposedly preparing the papers so they would be tax exempt (as already are any liberal or democrat organization you care to name, with not even 1% of the headache the Tea Party went through). Indeed, Koskinen lied so often before Congress even some democrats on the House Oversight Committee have begun to doubt that he has been truthful with them.

It was Obama himself who promised “those individuals responsible for the trashing of the rights of these right wing organizations will be punished”. Yes, he did say that, but like the red line drawn in the sands about Syria, it was just lying words, meant to placate the media and the low intelligence democrats (sorry, got redundant there, the low intelligence does refer to ALL democrats, just ask Jonathan Gruber). The IRS is still delaying many of the tax exempt status papers of major conservative organizations as we approach yet another Presidential election, just as they did during the last presidential election. And Congress should impeach and severely punish Koskinen because he has soiled forever what is supposed to be the trust between us flyover country people and the very ones who can force us to pay money out of our pockets to Obama and all of the toadies that surround democrats these days.

This is IRS Commissioner John Koskinen

This is IRS Commissioner John Koskinen

In Federalist No. 65, Alexander Hamilton explained that impeachment is appropriate to address “those offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust.” Is there any doubt that Koskinen has done this in any way? Is there any doubt that Hillary is guilty of far worse? Is there any doubt that the liberals and the democrat party have declared war on the truth simply because the truth would put them in jail and put the power structure of these greedy and mean spirited and hateful people in jeopardy? It is one thing to lie in defense of our country, or better yet, to merely say “no comment” when something that needs to remain secret is at stake. It is by far another thing to actively go to war against those who merely want the truth to be exposed in the light of day, who merely want our enemies to be named out loud by the leader of our country, and to spout vicious propaganda against the choice of us common everyday citizens who just want our leaders to be someone we are not afraid to meet in a dark alley, late at night. Is that too much to ask of the leaders of a political party?

Finally, if you wish to see the entire democrat leadership, and the liberal loonies who worship them, then just visit any US Post Office, their pictures are up on the wall.

I refuse to disgrace my family by having my picture with the photos displayed above. I honor my father and mother, who sacrificed much so this country would have a chance to succeed, only to have members of the jackass party wage a war on the truth.

And The Symbol Is?

We all know about and use symbols in our daily lives. We understand that for a symbol to be useful in imparting important information to the generally uninformed public it must be clear and unambiguous in what the symbol refers to or takes the place of. A good example that most of us can think of easily and respond to instantly (we have seen it a zillion times and know it by heart, most of ) is the red stop sign. In fact, it is almost so universal that almost every city in every town on the planet has at least one (a stop sign, not a village idiot but I can forgive you if you were confused).The better the symbol is in describing what you need to do or understand the more it is used and understood by legions of people, around this planet.

The, editor, script writer, trash can emptier, chief cook and bottle washer

The, editor, script writer, trash can emptier, chief cook and bottle washer

Another example of a well-known symbol is that of a black hand, raised above the head and clenched into a fist. This symbol was first seen (worldwide) during the Olympics of 1968. An American relay team won the gold medal for their relay race, and during the medal presentation, the black fist was raised to show Black Power. It is a simple symbol as most good symbols are. It is easy to draw and the meaning is now almost universally understood.

Symbols can stand in the place of huge numbers of people, vast numbers, in the millions. The symbol contains all of their aspirations, their dreams, the hopes they have for their children. But the symbol they choose also represents them as individuals, as groups and as a party. A logical question to ask is what symbol represents the ideas that are to follow? One disclaimer is that I do not even pretend to list all of the things this symbol represents, just some of them. But for all of you out there who believe in these things, this symbol is just for you.

This symbol is just for you if you believe that a third trimester abortion, aka partial birth abortion or abortion on demand is a perfectly sane and intelligent thing to do. You think that it is just dandy that a so-called doctor (obviously not of the old school do no harm type) can sign a contract with a company to provide body parts and living tissue to this company. You then also think it is perfectly okay for said doctor to use forceps to reach into the womb and pull the living breathing baby out far enough so he can perform surgery on the infant, taking whatever he had planned on cutting out. And, oh yeah, you then also obviously think it is just fine that this kills the infant deader than a doornail. Folks, I have just the symbol for you.

This symbol is just for you if you believe (and vote for) your Presidential candidate that lied to so many people, the list is endless. The list is endless of the people she lied to and the list is endless of the lies she has told. If you believe that it is okay for a candidate to stand over the caskets of Americans murdered in Benghazi and pronounce them dead because of a video and some rampaging college students (I am guessing they hid those RPGs under their cots, yes?) were to blame for the deaths, I know of just the symbol for you.

I know of a symbol that means you think that anyone, just anyone should be able to walk into a voting booth in this country and vote their beliefs, whether they are a citizen or not. This symbol means that you agree no one should ever have their origin questioned and that we citizens of the USA have no right to demand of others that they show proof they have the right to vote in our elections.

I know of a symbol that means you believe it is just fine to allow radical Islamic terrorists into this country without question. You believe it is just fine and that each and every one of the refugees coming here from the Middle East is a fine upstanding citizen of those countries and would never harm a hair on your head. This symbol means that you are just fine putting cops in jail who use profiling of people they see to determine if further prosecution by them is warranted. This symbol means you believe no one can predict how anyone will act, based upon their ethnicity, background, religious affiliation and how they use the internet.

I know of a symbol that means you believe that our courts should bend over backwards to make life easy for criminals. That the police are the bad guys in this life and it is indeed the police who cause many criminals to commit crimes, and this allows you to condemn the police each and every time a person is shot or killed or just apprehended by a police officer.  This symbol stands for the concept that you do not have to “wait for the facts” to condemn each and every officer any time a person of color wets his pants in police custody or commits suicide by police.

I know of a symbol that means you believe conservatism is of more harm to this country than radical Islamic terrorism. I know President Obama believes this because after the Orlando Massacre, Pres. Obama was foaming at the mouth in rage at the Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump. This symbol means you can get mad at anyone who is a conservative but that you can never be angry at the real dangers to this country. No Sir, this symbol means if a radical Islamic terrorist does a terrorist act, you blame guns or conservatives, but you can never even mouth the words, “radical Islamic terrorist”, but you can blame it all on a “vast right wing conspiracy”.

Yes, I know a symbol that means you can say and do things and never have to take responsibility for the results of those things. You can say that to save the reefs, we will spend billions of dollars to put old tires down so the coral reefs can grow onto them and be saved! And then, a generation later, you can say you never had one ounce of responsibility in the spending of billions of dollars in trying to remove those same tires as they wreak havoc on both coastlines and the very coral formations they were supposed to save.

Yes, this symbol allows you to lie about conservatives with no sadness of heart nor loss of your peace of mind. You can lie because the media carries that same symbol right down to their bigoted toenails. This symbol means you can say the most outrageous things about conservatives that you know simply are not true, but you can say them anyway because that is what this symbol stands for. This symbol means you believe that America is not the greatest country this world has ever seen. It means you do not even think it is worth dying for, but rather, you believe this country is the source of most of the problems that exist in the world today.

This symbol means you can watch a murderous thug kill Americans and then go blame the weapon used instead of calling the thug what he is, a murderous thug. You can blame the NRA for political fools who want to take weapons out of the hands of good law abiding citizens, leaving them defenseless against these same murderous thugs who pay no attention to your stupidity of passing laws they pay no attention to. And it means that when the final bill comes to be paid for your stupidity and arrogance, it is always going to be someone else who will pay your tab, and you will be to arrogant and to isolated in your limousine to even say “thank you”.

This symbol means you can be such an utter fool, so stupid that you are one the “stupid Americans” Jonathan Gruber alluded to during the ObamaCare Scandal. It means you can be an imbecile and the village idiot all in one package and never have to say you are sorry. It means that you can vote against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (virtually passed by the conservatives, not the liberals as the media keep saying this lie to this day). It means you can be so stupid economically that you can vote for higher taxes on everyone else but think this helps the economy. In short, this symbols stand for bigotry, stupidity, moronic actions and hate filled rhetoric, aimed not at a mortal enemy we all have, but at someone who simply has a different idea of how our country was founded and what made it great.

Yes, there is a symbol which stands for all the above, and it is the symbol of the democrat party appropriately enough. And it is very accurate and appropriate that it does so well reflect the attitudes and beliefs of those who blindly vote for what this party stands for. You and the people who believe all these things have the best symbol for what you are. You have earned the symbol of Jackass. Enjoy it and wear it well, for you have earned the right to be one.

The Democrat Party Symbol

The Democrat Party Symbol

The Judicial Code

Oh, is this a new idea to some of you? Indeed, in this great country, there is a judicial code that was established more than 200 years ago. It is a code of ethics, a code of how to fairly judge those who come before you. In short, it is a primer not only on how a judge should conduct themselves in their courtrooms, but it also is a good way to teach us common everyday citizens how we should perform in the court of public opinion as Americans. It is very similar to the oath a doctor takes “Do No Harm”, only it is not pointed at a single person but usually points in several ways, depending upon what the problem is the suitors bring before the court.

As the spring comes on, the High Rockies slowly give up their snowy treasure, and the spring runoff begins as the treasured water begins its long journey to the seas.

As the spring comes on, the High Rockies slowly give up their snowy treasure, and the spring runoff begins as the treasured water begins its long journey to the seas.

I am writing this at this time in the US Presidential Election Cycle precisely because it is in the middle of the US Presidential Election Cycle, with both major parties having reluctantly chosen their Champions to represent them on the battlefield known as the electoral college. It is extremely important for the continuation of this country and its philosophy of governance of the people, by the people and for the people (that is how we present ourselves to the world) that the judges selected by the President have inside them the qualities that our forefathers displayed centuries ago. It was those sterling qualities that shaped and molded the outlook of how we, as a people, were viewing the world. It was those qualities that gave us the courage to take on naked aggression from one country after another in the quest of the dictators of those countries for personal power. The reason for their naked aggression was to amass power to themselves, regardless of how many of their fellow citizens were slaughtered in the process.

Those evil and malicious foreign leaders did not give a tinker’s damn about the harm they were doing both to their country and to the people they “benevolently ruled”. But the people who make America great do care. In fact we care so much that we produce enough food that we provide 60% of this world’s entire food production. We do this on less than 5% of the land the rest of the world has combined.  We provide this bounty because our leaders 200 years ago saw and knew that freedom was then and is now the biggest engine for capitalism there ever can be. And capitalism my friends, is the source of why this country has so many successful people, So many people, of all races, who did well and continue to do well. Each person deserves to live well by the sweat of their own brow.

Liberals, Socialist, Fascists, Communists and most other idiotic forms all have in them the same basic flaw. All of these forms of power believe that their form of leadership has people in powerful positions that are not susceptible to the power that position has to wield. Capitalism does not wear such rose colored lenses and recognizes that to be human means, well, that  you will be corrupted by power eventually. Does it make any difference what the power is that corrupts our leaders? No, power corrupts because power lures all with its siren call to destruction. Judges are human also, so they have within them the same flaws that all of us do. But judges can do tremendous harm in the position of authority they hold, whereas most of us out here in the hinterlands, the harm we can do is local and seldom goes beyond the county line. But judges and the results of their “judgment” can go far beyond those imaginary lines and can affect the lives of millions of people, who have no recourse but to obey the whim of the judge.

That little sentence right there is why this Presidential election is so crucial to the continuing development of this great country. The judges the President appoints (during his tenure in office) to their lifetime judicial position in office can span half a century and greatly affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people, both here and abroad. These judges have such awesome power at their command, there is even a phrase that has been coined to describe how these judges should show their emotions, and it is called “Judicial Temperament”. The judge can have his personal thoughts and emotions about how a case before him or other judges should be tried, but the good judge must be able to put aside his personal, religious and political beliefs and rule on the merits of the case he is presiding over. And (this is where it gets sticky) he cannot input into the case law what his own personal opinion should be.

This is a critically important part of “the judicial temperament”, for judges are not held accountable (by the people they rule over) by being elected. They are appointed and not accountable to the masses. So, the selection of the President is extremely important  because, in the long run, it is his judgment of the inner character of any judge that is on display in every courtroom and in every case being tried in this country. And no, I am not talking about a local judge in a traffic court, as lots of low judge positions are elected officials. But, in many Presidential selections, these lower court judges can be selected by their display of common sense and ability to accurately understand what the Constitution says about a particular item under suit in the court. The judges selected by the President should accurately display the moral and ethical philosophy of the President or he should not select them.

And now we come to why this Presidential election is important. We just had a Supreme Court Judge die unexpectedly, and several of the remaining 8 SC judges are older than Judge Scalia was. This selection of judges is really where the legacy of a President  lies, for it is they who, long after the President is out of office, carry the ball for his philosophy of the governance of this country. They do so by their rulings on the cases that come before them. And this philosophy of governance was never more on display than in the 2000 election cycle when the Presidency itself was in the hands of the 9 Justices of The Supreme Court. The Gore suitors contended the Florida butterfly ballot caused people (some people) to allegedly vote for Pat Buchanan instead of Al Gore, costing him the number of votes needed to overtake George Bush and thereby win Florida’s electoral college votes and thereby, the Presidency itself.

The colors that can be seen are just awesome.

The colors that can be seen are just awesome.

Here is where judicial temperament and common sense has to take the forefront in the analysis of the situation, what the law says, and what the conclusions drawn from the analysis dictate what should be done, Liberals on both the Florida Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court felt that the “intent” of the voter should be the deciding factor in whether or not to re-count the votes yet again (and please notice, every re-count Bush lost votes because in the precincts where the ballots were being re-counted, all of the changes were in the favor of Al Gore and all of the recount officials were democrats- go look it up it is in the books). This “feeling” by liberal judges that the “intent” of the voters should be of the greatest import in this decision is pure and unadulterated cow pies from a pasture out in the west. The judges (who should know better) and the voter both have a duty to know who they want to vote for and then do so. If they then accidentally vote incorrectly, all they voter has to do is go to the vote judge there on the spot, report they spoiled their ballot, request a new one, while the old one is noted as being improperly marked and taken out of circulation.

The judges on both levels who fell on the conservative side took note that there was much confusion on the part of some voters. While confusion may be a part of the process, it is not the prerogative of a judge to throw out the results of an election just because they disagreed with the result. The Florida law and ballot was clear, and it was clear that in the again and again process of recounting the ballots in those democrat districts, the results were gaining votes for Al Gore each time (by the way, a statistical improbability) both the Florida and USSC decided that what was reflected on the voting card itself can and should be the only deciding factor. The decision to “not try to define the intent of a confused voter” is, in essence, what decided the 2000 Presidential election in the favor of George Bush. The selection of judges at all levels has to be of primary importance to voters of both parties and of all political persuasions. The SC Justices said (decided) the Florida ballot was a legal and readable and understandable document, so the legal voting was a “fair casting” of the will of the people as they voted.

The ugliness of the “votes fair counting” was another issue, one that rises nearly every election. What is “a fair counting” of the ballots cast in a particular election? The 2000 USSC said that the Florida Law stated that a recount would be done right away once it was known the vote was within a certain percentage point. This was done, and Bush still won Florida, people, but now “the judicial temperament” began to rear its ugly head as liberals around the land howled for yet a 3rd and then a 4th recount. At first, the Florida courts improperly obliged the Gore suitors and improperly ordered yet again the 3rd and 4th recounts (the liberal population of the Florida court and its liberal philosophy is well known, as are the democrat party ties of the supposedly impartial “vote counters” in the counties doing the later recounts). This is what the USSC finally brought to a stop as the majority of the USSC showed not just decent “judicial temperament” but also “judicial restraint”.

The USSC did not order a new vote, it did not order unceasing recounts until it got the count that it wanted. Unlike the democrats on the Florida courts and the contested precincts, the USSC just went with what the voting laws of Florida said to do. The did so knowing that the electoral votes of Florida had to be seated for the voters of Florida to be represented in the Electoral College, which was to meet and cast the ballots very soon. The USSC just upheld the applicable Florida laws, the applicable recount laws and said that “enough is enough”. This really did not set well with both the liberal judges or the democrat party, who promptly sued and kept on recounting votes in the contested precincts (which by their 12th recount, Gore had found enough votes to win Florida, believe it or not!). The USSC did not jump in and demand that these same liberal democrats and judges go out and canvas the western panhandle of Florida (Pensacola is in the CST, not the EST like most of Florida) to determine the “intent” of the disenfranchised voters there.

These western voters were disenfranchised because with the exception of Fox News (apparently the only News organization who knows where the time zones are) all the major outlets had declared Gore the winner of Florida by about 6:50 PM (ten minutes before they were allowed to). Why is this important? Almost 9% of Florida voters live in the Panhandle and they had an hour yet to go vote, but the ahead of schedule Gore declaration depressed voter turnout by almost 5%. This is yet another case where the conservatives demonstrated both “judicial temperament” and “judicial restraint” by not ordering Florida to re-open voting precincts, thereby giving special treatment to the Panhandle residents. Like most folk, the Justices said the folks of the Panhandle know what the time is and they could have decided to vote or not to vote, but that is “THEIR” decision, not the court’s to make.

Hillary Clinton will appoint judges that will make decisions for you. They believe, like she does, that you are “Those Stupid Americans” that Jonathan Gruber talked about. Hillary and her cronies believe that the IRS is functioning perfectly and they can take whatever they want from you  because you cannot take care of yourself. Hillary and her cronies believe down deep in their liberal souls that the rules made for all of us, you and I, are not destined for them to have to follow. Hillary and her kind think it is just dandy to go on Sunday talk shows and  lie about why 4 Americans were murdered in Benghazi, and lie to the family members as they cried over the flag-draped caskets of those same murdered Americans. Hillary and her cronies feel it is just fine that they lie before Congress, take money from foreign leaders for the Clinton Foundation (yes, go look it up, the latest is $55M to a university that Bill is chancellor of and the university gave back $16.5M of it). Hillary Clinton feels you are prying into her private life by demanding to know what she did as the Secretary of State. And the men and women she appoints as judges OVER YOU will believe the same way. Is this what you want?

Whatever happened to the JFK inspiration of “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Country”. Do you democrats not believe in such a high and mighty principle any longer? For this is what Our Founding Fathers believed in and made the basis for our country to become the greatest nation this world has ever known. Is it not time you adopted the principles that made this country great as your own?

The, editor, script writer, trash can emptier, chief cook and bottle washer

The, editor, script writer, trash can emptier, chief cook and bottle washer

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What Fools These Mortals Be?

I have often heard the line mentioned, but it really hits home now, so I ask you, “What Fools These Mortals Be?”, read that those stupid Americans (Jonathan Gruber’s words not mine) who refuse to think of America first but instead put their political beliefs as being more important than that of protecting this Nation. Fortunately for me, I am not a lawyer (nor would I want to be) so I can sit on the sidelines here and orate from my soapbox about lawyerly things, and be right about most of them (unlike any liberal lawyer, whom is almost always wrong and wrong about most nearly anything).

The Author, in a moment of Leisure (please note the purple socks)

The Author, in a moment of Leisure (please note the purple socks)

You see, a liberal lawyer (it is almost a redundant thing to say it that way, but there are some legal scholars out there who are not liberals) does not look at our Constitution and the laws that have been passed in almost two and a half centuries as anything but a mere guideline, a guide to law dummies, if you will. To most of us out here in flyover country, the Constitution is what sets the boundaries of what is permissible to do, how we are to treat each other, and how we are to behave when others do not behave. I am reminded of how I came to know of the term “civil disobedience”. At one time (especially when you are young, which I was at one time) parents provided the moral and ethical guidelines to our behavior both in the home and outside in public (where we could easily humiliate said parents by behaving like hyenas in Africa do). But back then, there was a price to be paid for acting the buffoon needlessly.

Aye, and that is where the rub is today, is it not? Civil disobedience meant that you could voice your opinion or even act them out by becoming part of what was then known as a “sit in”. You were willing to take being arrested and hauled off like a common street thug, but you did so in a manner that no one got hurt and yet your opinion showed up in the newspapers or on tv in a positive and benign manner. As a demonstrator, you were polite but you held your ground and quietly forced the police to pick you up and haul your lousy butt off to the nearest booking facility. This was the desired end for it forced the powers that be to devote needed resources to controlling the demonstration. But it was by the quiet and calm persuasiveness of your stance, the ability to carry on an intelligent debate on the merits of what you were demonstrating against that would draw the attention of those members of our society who were not aware of the issues you wish to see brought up and taken out into the light of day so the truth will be shown to one and all

But a Liberal of the 1960’s would never recognize a liberal of 2016 as anything short of a socialist or communist fool. You liberals of today do not wish to see open and free debate on the issues this country faces. Nor do you even wish to hear a single voice, crying alone out in the wilderness, if it disagrees with what you see through your prejudiced and bigoted mindset. It is not conservatives nor republicans in this country who are trying to shut down and turn off speakers at rallies, it is you foolish and bigoted liberals. You scream about the intolerance of the right (where we believe a private organization has the right to say who can and who cannot be a member) while at the same time, you egg at political rallies anyone whom you disagree with. You liberals pay union thugs to show up at republican rallies just to get into fights with the patrons there, knowing your toadie friends in the media know whom to put the blame on for these crowd altercations. The media knows you liberals were the sole cause but they know to blame your opponent and not you liberals, so the media is a member of your cabal to lie about actual events.

Looking Across The Salt Lake Valley to the beautiful skies

Looking Across The Salt Lake Valley to the beautiful skies

I wonder how you can even lie in bed at night and not wonder why your conscience no longer asks you why did you shut down the ability for someone else to speak their thoughts?  On college campuses today, you liberals never ever thought to try and verify the truthfulness of the allegations of rape against the Duke Lacrosse team. It just fit your imagined prejudice and so you ran off with that, your mouth saying such vile and ugly things about the whole team. Which, by the way, was totally exonerated of all charges. Strangely enough, after listening to you and your bigoted friends scream about how evil these men were, and how you supposedly value truth above all, why did no one ever see you come out and apologize for all the pain and heartache you caused. Instead of apologizing, all you did was keep on those prejudiced sunglasses and go find the next black person with a bad experience that you could use as a rally point to exploit some complaint you “felt bad about”, regardless of the damage it caused to the peoples of this country.

I try to talk about this lack of intelligent perspective with liberals every chance I get, but the conversation never gets beyond a sentence or two when the liberals try to stop the debate (I guess they are uncomfortable being faced with truth) by calling names and adjectives most newspapers will not print. I and many conservatives I know were called racist bigots because all we did was try to tell everyone to sit back and let the facts come out on (take your pick) the Travon Martin case, the Rodney King incident, the Michael Brown shooting, the Baltimore Eddie Gray death and so on (the list is endless). But no, you liberals immediately run off at the mouth about (take your pick again) how the police are racist and killers (in the Baltimore case, virtually all of the accused are African-Americans, but that made no difference to a liberal) or the public shooter was a white racist supremacist type because he was white (are you hearing this, President Obama?, the right Rev. Jackson, lawyer Sharpton and others) or knew someone from the tea party.

No, to put it simply, you liberals who are still insisting Hillary Clinton will get your vote, in my opinion are wasting our valuable resources on a criminal of the worst type, and you want this for our President (yes, ours, for if she wins, she is my President too, just as Trump will be your President). I think that it is criminal on your part to even contemplate a vote for Hillary as president and I hope that you will awaken one day to the horror that you wish to foist upon this country of ours and change your vote. Notice, I did not say you should vote for Trump, just that a vote for Hillary is a vote for someone who so consistently lied to us, sent some of us to our deaths with no help, brags about arresting the video maker of a documentary when the man was innocent and so on. You liberals will bear the mark of dishonor forever if you cast a vote for Hillary to be President.

I wish you would ask yourself why it is that none of you can sit down and responsibly carry on a conversation about Hillary and the things she did at the DOS? Why do you insist the FBI is merely doing a security review of what she did at DOS, when the FBI Boss Man himself said that it was an investigation and not a security review. And while I personally spent 35 years in the military and as a federal employee with and extremely high security clearance, I too have been before the FBI and been questioned and deposed twice (innocent both times, no charges even filed, just the complaint from two people years apart, I guess). But I only bring this up to point out that I have faced federal inquiry.

Each time I was notified that I was to be questioned, under oath, I was never told the reason I was to be questioned. I never was told what the topic of each questioning would be, but just that a charge had been filed and I was to be deposed under oath. Why is this important? I went before the legal folk, took my oath to tell the truth and then I did. Each of the times I did this, it lasted for more than 9 hours. And during those 9 plus hours did I ever turn to my lawyer and ask if I could answer? No, I did not because I had nothing to hide, and I went without a lawyer. I answered every question without hesitation and without having to refer to my Franklin Planner to review what I had done the days in question. I never even once thought of not answering any questions put to me. I never once even thought of invoking the 5th Amendment.

Yes, the winters in the High Rocky Mountains may test the best of men, but the treasure they truly hold is the pristine pure water that comes tumbling down from 2 miles high as the spring snowmelt begins to thaw this liquid gold.

Yes, the winters in the High Rocky Mountains may test the best of men, but the treasure they truly hold is the pristine pure water that comes tumbling down from 2 miles high as the spring snowmelt begins to thaw this liquid gold.

I am quite certain my willingness to answer any and all questions both times (with honest and truthful answers being the best way to go) may have surprised the law enforcement people there. But that made no difference to me, for I had one thing on my side that apparently Hillary and her people do not have. I was innocent of any wrongdoing and I had no need to obfuscate a situation. I had no need to dance on the head of a pin or debate what the meaning of is, is. Both times, all possible charges were dropped because I was innocent and they had all the facts before them to know I had told them the truth and that I had done nothing even remotely wrong. Now, with Hillary and all her staff objecting to every deposition question being asked, and all invoking the 5th Amendment, why are you liberal idiots and you media folk still backing this pimple on our nation’s history of great people rising to the front when their time comes?

I got one idea to give to you liberals, but I doubt it will be used by you. If you do use it, it will mean that you will have to admit that your very concept of how to run this country and this world is so stupid, not even Jonathan Gruber agrees with it. The idea is that if you feel you have done the right thing, why would you ever plead the 5th Amendment? Surely you can see your reasoning is misguided at best and criminal at the worst. Just remember, in this country, the truth is always a winning defense against being accused of wrongdoing. If you truly believe Hillary was ok to use ONLY a private email server for ALL of her Dept. of State actions, then stand by her, but just be prepared to have all hellfire come down on you for being (as Jonathan Gruber said) “such a stupid American”. For you will have been depriving a village somewhere of its idiot.

The, editor, script writer, trash can emptier, chief cook and bottle washer

The, editor, script writer, trash can emptier, chief cook and bottle washer

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The Theory Of Responsibility

Is it time again to take the pulse of the Liberal/Socialist/Democrat (LSD, kind of cute and ironic all at the same time, isn’t it?) and see if we can find among all of them an honest person, a Diogenes, if you will? I wonder how come these useful idiots of the left can still claim to have the best interests of this wonderful country of ours at the top of their list when at the same time they will vote for Hillary Clinton as our next President? Yet never think for an instant the best interest of this country is not in a direct and painful clash with electing Hillary.

A Beautiful Stretch of Newport Bay

A Beautiful Stretch of Newport Bay

For any voter to even consider voting for Hillary as President they have to be either deaf to all the information out there about how the Clinton Foundations raked in more than $100 MILLION while she was Secretary of State or hate republicans enough they will voluntarily hurt this country by voting for Hillary instead of someone with ethics. Yes, you read correctly and you can go look it up yourself in just about any newspaper or television report now. Please bear in mind that I personally have been shouting this from the rooftops for at least 3 years now, only to have many stupid Americans (those are the words of Jonathan Gruber, not me) call me names rather than read the truth about Hillary or get into an honest discussion about her character, her ethics and her morals. For that is the way any LSD person avoids having to talk the truth, that is, they attack the messenger and get everyone off the subject of what the messenger is wanting to convey.

To one particularly irate reader, I can now definitely point out to you that Hillary is indeed LYING about what the FBI is doing about her emails while Secretary of State.  For those of you LSD Clinton kool aid drinkers and folks from Rio Linda, Hillary has REPEATEDLY stated the FBI is doing a (and I quote), “Security Review” , unquote, of what she did for email service during her tenure as The Secretary of State (I am not sure you can remember that far back, but give it a try, ok?) . Well, to settle this matter right now, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation has flatly said , “We are not doing a “security review” of Secretary Clinton’s email system. We “investigate”, it is in our name. We are investigating the breach of the Clinton Server.” This came from both his testimony before several Congressional Committees and on Sunday talk shows.

So, I ask those of you loony LSD types, what is it going to take for you to stop being such rabid partisans, stop the name calling and start getting down to the brass tacks that it is going to take to put this country back on the right track? To return it, if I may say so myself, to the basic moral and ethical foundations that we once had and at one time helped guide our elected leaders to make this country the best that this world has ever seen? What is going to have to happen for you LSD people to stop lying such ugly lies about conservatives and republicans, such as we poison the very water we drink and the air we breathe (now if that is not a really stupid argument to put forth, just sit back for a moment and think about the implications of us poisoning our own air and so on – what an idiot you look and sound like when making such a specious and stupid argument)?

There are two fawns hidden in the foilage by my back door.

There are two fawns hidden in the foilage by my back door.

What is it going to take for you arrogant and ignorant LSD types to acknowledge that you have been lying all this time, just to gain political power and to make your own self-esteem better? To hell with your self-esteem you arrogant airhead, why not get real self-esteem by being RIGHT? Earn valuable self-esteem by actually helping those up out of poverty by providing the proper tax basis so businesses can provide jobs for those on the lower economic rungs. Earn the respect of those around you by being the first in line with a helping hand of aid, not the pointed finger of blame.

Earn your keep by the sweat of your brow, not by cleaning out the wallet of the man who built his family bakery brick by brick by brick, but by helping get the food he bakes out to those who eat it. Quit taking from those who have and start giving of what you have, for even a small child loves to be held in the arms of someone who cares, and while you seem to be totally stupid, you do also seem to care. Become good at something you like to do, and go forth and do it freely, voluntarily, becoming a member of the community of Americans out to help each other become better than they were, and more than they ever hoped they would be. Each of us Americans has a responsibility to help others in trouble, to help them rise above what their dreams said they could become.

Each and every one of us has a duty and responsibility to not blindly vote, or mouth the talking points of this party or that person. Conservatives by nature do not tend to do that, but it my responsibility to open your eyes and mind and heart to the American truth for both sides of the political aisle. It is a job that will take a lifetime of effort but it is something that is necessary if all Americans are to exercise their rights and responsibilities intelligently. The LSD types who will blindly vote democrat or blindly vote Hillary just have to be aware of the damage that can happen from not thinking through what each vote means to the direction of this country. What each of you LSD types should do is sit down at your dinner table and item by item, write down what each positive item you can think of about whom you will vote for and why it is important.

You can do this to both sides of the political aisle, but Donald Trump will face the fire of the outraged media and you can judge Mr. Trump by how he acts when confronted by what will be a very hostile media. Sen. Sanders is finding out now just how hostile the media can get overnight once their talking points have been given to them by the leaders of the democrat party, through Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, head of the DNC.

Has Hillary Lied about some thing that is important? Most undoubtedly yes. Has Hillary put the secret agents of this country in jeopardy? Undoubtedly YES. Has she used he position as Secretary of State to enhance her own financial situation? Undoubtedly YES. You can quibble but once you take off your partisan glasses and look at what she has done  without your prejudices biasing your already poor judgment, if you have an honest bone in your body, you will know Hillary is not even remotely qualified to even be a dog catcher in a one house village, much less President of the United States of America. No, there are no vast right wing conspiracies out there trying to do in Hillary, for she is digging her own hole by her past actions and her continued lying about what she did and how she did it. But she is accusing folks (like me, for example) for pointing out her character flaws and ethical failures, but for every finger she points at someone, just remember, there are three more fingers pointing back at her, for she is the root of her failure to be a good American, a good legislator, or a good President. The fickle finger of blame is pointing directly to her and to you idiot democrats, too stupidly partisan to admit you have been wrong, and way too willing to drag this country into your cesspool, just so you do not have to admit being wrong. Why not stop pointing fingers of blame at the innocent and put it on the pulse of the idiots? Put it on the idiots the party of the little d need in order for them to continue living high on the hog.


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Peace at Last!

Peace at Last!